Monday, January 31, 2011

Taytons half birthday

Random picture from the last few months.

New years!
Party at noon and party at midnight

Taytons half birthday!!! 
So crazy that my tiny adorable little guy is big enough to be 6 months old.
Its a tradition in our house to half a half a cake on their birthday, that they get all to themselves.

I love this little boy so very much!!! 
I was so worried about having a third boy, but he is just perfect.
He is the runt of the liter and I just adore him.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

How did I totally miss.....november and december 2010

I have dressed all three boys in this outfit at Christmas now, guess it pays to have them all born in the summer

Pizzas on Christmas Eve, Eve.

Christmas Eve and their matching PJS

Braddocs BFF Brynnlee

Hiding to sneak a treat.

Im pretty sure he did not get those markers on his own. What do you think?

Braddoc always lining stuff up. 
We are looking into getting him tested for Autism. 
We are pretty sure he is someone on the spectrum.

Nellis AFB Air Show.

Ward Chili cook off. Braddoc always has stickers on his cheeks, he hates to take them off and will leave them for days, so when they do come off there is a big white area.

Decorating the christmas Tree.

We went to Alaska for Thanksgiving to spend the holiday with Noahs family.

Kids first real time seeing snow. They LOVED it.

We had our best friends Ila and Kirsten Armstrong for Thanksgiving with us, Jon was deployed. they moved from Vegas to Alaska so I was thrilled to spend time with them. Kirsten is my soul mate sister.

Landon and Ila are a day apart and have been best friends their whole life.

Kirsten was about ready to pop with Aisley and since Jon was deployed we made sure we came up to Alaska when she was due so I could be there with her when she had the baby.

Being there with my best friend when she gave birth to her second daughter was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Defenitely in the top ten. It was amazing to share such a sacred and beautiful thing with someone I love so much. I am so blessed to have Kirsten in my life, she is literally the best friend a girl could ask for.
And its such a small world because my friend Becki that I grew up with in Alaska is also a friend of Kirstens so we both got to be there with her.

Back home we caused lots of mahem, like coloring on walls....

I sure do love these guys.

I made the boys all quilts for Christmas. I didnt get a picture of Taytons, Im not sure why. I stayed up till the wee hours of the morning for two weeks when Noah was on mids and just watched back to back movies and cut and sewed my heart out.