Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tayton at 4 months

Ok so total blog slacker. I will admit this whole mom of three business makes life super busy. I never thought life could be the busy, I mean its amazing and wonderful and fun filled but busy. I have not read a book since I had Tayton, I have not wrote in my journal nor have I been able to ever fall asleep in my life by 9 pm. I literally just pass out, its crazy I used to have to count sheep, lay in bed staring at the ceiling hoping to fall asleep but not any more, I am crashed out on the couch waiting for noah to get home or fall asleep watching a movie with him when he is home. So with the busy crazy life I lead I have of course got behind on the blog.

Well my wonderful sweet baby is just that, still a little peanut baby. Someone told me the other day that is not fair that my kids stay little for so long. Its nice having a tiny baby, but I worry about him all the time. At his check up his stats were:
9 pnds 11 oz
23 3/4 inches

He just turned 4 months and is not even 10 pounds. Poor guy! We did find out though that he has trouble empting his stomach. He eats like a champ but does not move the food from his stomach to his intestines very quickly and therefor spits most of it up, A LOT! and ALL THE TIME!! He has not been a super unhappy baby, he is usually really good except occasionally for nap he fussies the whole time and just wants to sleep but I can tell he is in pain and then at night before bed he screams for about 2 hours, but other then that he is just a smily angel. This crying at night too is a new thing, like the last few weeks, so I feel so bad for him.

So enough about the hard parts of Tayton and onto the great stuff:

*He is such a smiley boy. He loves to smile and has a HUGE open mouth smile and a dimple on the right cheek.

*He moves all over the place. I put him in his head with his head at the top of the bed and come to check on him and he has done a 180 and his heads at the opposite end of the bed. When I lay him on the floor he kicks himself all over.

*He loves his hands and finger, I am constantly taking them out of his mouth, he doesnt put in his thumb though, just two or three fingeres. He even chokes himself by shoving them in to far.

*He is cutting 4 teeth (one molar, two K9s and one top front tooth) and he drools all the time and loves to stick things in his mouth.

*He loves to have his blanket up rubbing against his face in the car seat, when he takes naps and when he is in his bouncer.

*He sleeps on his left side and his head is now going flat so we are having to train him to sleep on the other side.

*He loves the vaccuum cleaner.

* he will be so happy if someone if just right by him talking to him. Landons super good at that.

*He can sit up on our laps with a little bit of help, but mostly he just bends over and does it on his own.

*He hates to be facing in, he wants to be facing out to see everything.

*He loves to stand up and makes it super hard to get him dressed because he just wants to push up and stand.

* He loves so hard when you tickle his neck, its so precious. I love the sound of baby laughter, its just amazing and melts my heart.

Love that smile!

What the heck? Love that face!

Loves his big brother so much!

Poor sleepy baby finally feel asleep after lots of screaming.
Loves the bumbo!

His big brothers love him so much.

He loves his daddy, his face lights up everytime he see's him.

He makes this face a lot!

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Kirsten said...

he's staying little so I can hold him when he is still small. He looks like a 4 month old though. I love his big eyes, all your boys have such beautiful eyes.