Thursday, October 21, 2010

Random cuteness!

The boys got cute little animals blankets and have been having a blast running around with them on. Braddoc a puppy and Landon a monkey!!!

Two of my cute little men!!! Tayton loves his daddy so much! they are best buds, he gets a big smile on his face anytime he sees Noah.
Braddoc finally has learned how to cover his eyes when the sun is in them. Really makes driving during the day alot easier because he screams a lot less. If only he would keep his sun glasses on. Too bad Landon hasnt figured this out yet.

Love this cute kid!! Time for a hair cute though, we got him one so Ill post pics of that soon.


Jon and Sunny Robbins said...

you do have soom handsome little guys.

Motherhood for Dummies said...

man your boys are cute!