Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Landi Pandi

Landon has been such a big helper lately with Tayton. And when he is not incouraging Braddoc to scream or fighting over Geo Trax trains he is a pretty good big brother to Braddoc too. They usually get along so well and are really good buddies. At enrichment the other night I went to the window of the nursery to peek in on them, thinking they were probably having a blast getting to play with their friends and I found them playing with each other. It was very sweet and everytime after that that I checked in there they were playing with or hugging with and laughing with each other. They both had really good friends in there too so it was so nice and refreshing to see them with each other having so much fun.

Landon started preschool last month and loves it. He tells me about his friends and snack time all the time. The first thing he tells me when I ask how it went was what he had for snack. The first time he was a bit whiney when I left but not to too, and then he was like the 7th (out of 23) to get picked up and so he for whatever reason thought I was not coming and so when I left him the next day he cried and cried and throw a fit screaming on the ground. I told him we would go for ice cream when I picked him up but it still did not calm him down. It was so hard to leave him but his teachers said he calmed down and was really good after that. He loves getting to take a book and a toy for show and tell and each week they have a color that the kids wear so he loves picking out his clothes to match the color. At home to encourage him and his colors (which he already knew) we talk about all the things we see with that color. He has also learned how to spell the colors which is so fun he knows: red, purple, and yellow so far. He came home the first week singing 3 songs word for word. I am a pizza, Animals in the ocean, and then most of Going on a Bear hunt. He also knew all the motions he knew them so well he taught me and we went online and found the songs and then he taught Braddoc. Its been so nice to see him learning things so fast. He loves school which makes me really happy. The other day we were at Lowes and he told me he wanted to show me something, so I went with him and all of a sudden a little girl came running up to him and gave him a big hug. He told me her name and that she is his friend, and then her mom came up and said "is this Landon? we have heard so much about him, she talks about him everyday all day." Guess I have myself a ladies man, plus girls are the only ones he comes home and talks about.

He also went to the Dentist for the first time a few weeks ago ( I know Im a slacker). And he LOVED it! He loved them doteing on him and paying attention to him. He loved showing them how he brushed his teeth and hearing them tell him how good he is for brushing his teeth. He does have a cavity on his front tooth which I already kind of knew (thats why I took him in) so he is getting that filled next week, we shall see how well that goes.

He loves to hold Tayton and talk to him and tell him all about things, he is such a big helper and gets me diapers and clothes for Tayton all the time, most the time without being asked. When he goes to put on his PJs he always brings down some for Braddoc and Tayton.

He loves to play dress up and Star Wars (his new favorite thing) and of course still loves trains and playing outside.

He called his Mimi the other day and said "Hi mimi I miss you, Im still in Las Begas." He loves her so much and cant wait to go see him next month, he talks about her all the time and anytime we drive down the 95 (no idea why that road) he always says "Mom we are going to Mimis now!" He tells his teacher all the time that he is going to alaska. And when I told him it was 6 weeks away, he looks at his hands and gets very upset and says "But mom thats a long time, I cant have that many fingers." I showed him how to count on both hands and so that made it better but then he said, "I cant wait for it to be one hand." He is so ready to go visit. When I tried explaining snow to him he told me out of the blue, "Mom we are going to the snow! and go snowboarding, cause I know how to go snowboardings. We are going to bring our snowboarding right?"

He comes up with such crazy ways to tell me things it cracks me up. He knows his words and talks AMAZINGLY but I love to hear his weird way of thinking about things. He told me the other day. "Mom I want the pants where the circles dont go to my feet." He meant shorts, but it was too cute to hear what shorts really meant to him in his mind.

He calls stuff Fooky, like scooby doo. We have lots of Fooky stuff for halloween and he is getting such a big kick out of all of it. We have a halloween village on the counter and he LOVES it. I took him shopping to let him pick out the addition to it for this year, so he loves it even more.

Dressed up like an Alien (this is a 6-12 month outfit which makes it so funny)

An elephant, again way to small!
He hooked the truck up to the car and pulled Braddoc all around the house. They were laughing so hard!

He did smile in the next picture we took, but I thought this one was so funny!

His first dentist trip!

He was so good!

He was yelling at me to come look at what he did! They love to do this and then slide down it, so this time he was holding on and told me he was so cool.

He is in a mood when he wakes up from nap sometime. We joke that you cant anger the beast when he wakes up because he is such a bear. Not everytime but probably every other time, however we never know what day its going to be.

He loves his daddy! Daddy loves his space when eating lol so thats why Noah has a lovely look on his face.

His first day of school. Noah got off work for a bit so he could be there for his first borns first day, it was so nice for Landon, it made him so happy.

Possing for his first day with Braddoc.

They are so silly!!!

Loves loves loves his daddy!

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Kirsten said...

Ila has informed me this past week that Landon is her boyfriend. Apparently their flame is still burning strong, you should remind all those other girls at preschool that he's taken!