Thursday, October 21, 2010

Making Fooky houses!

The other night for FHE we decorated a haunted house. The boys had a blast doing it and we let them do it all by themselves, which they loved. The roof kept falling off so I got out super glue to glue the roof on and Noah teased me that it did not have to be perfect and here I was enterfering and being anal about it. I laughed and said ok should we let them decorate gingerbread pieces and not a house? Noah said "no but super glue?" me "well its not staying up with the frosting so yes anal mommy is using super glue." So I used it and it finally stayed up and the boys didnt know the difference.

I really think they ate more candy and frosting then the acutally put on the house, but whatever they wanted to do we let them. It was so fun to watch them enteract together and work on it together. I especially loved turning around and seeing Noah squeezing frosting into there mouth.... ah something only dads will do at 7:30 at night. Then of course because Braddoc saw daddy doing it he decided that he was going to just suck on his frosting the whole time. I loved watching them, and I loved that Noah was the one who washed them up in the shower....that frosting in the hair looked like a pain to get out. :O) I am so blessed by so many smiling wonderful moments of just simple pleasure.

Here they are hiding from me (just random non house decorating but still cute) The finished product. Fooky isnt it? (Fooky is Landon and Braddocs way of saying spooky)
Eating there bodies weight in frosting.
I just love that Braddoc is looking like he is in a sugar coma. And yet he is still sucking away on the frosting bag, and of course Landon is loving getting fed frosting.
working together to decorate it. I just loved watching them together.

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Kirsten said...

That looks like so much fun! They did an awesome job at making it fooky!