Thursday, October 21, 2010

Just a shuckin away!

So as a kid I always loved to shuck peas with my grandma/pa and granny. I loved watching it happen on tv for some reason it just gave me the warm and fuzzies, I also loved eating the raw peas and just picking them and eating them. Maybe because of this is where my loved for sugar snap peas comes from, I love to eat them so we have them for dinner about once a week. Never had Braddoc ever tried to crack them open and get the peas out from inside them until the other night. I looked over at him and saw him concentrating so hard on opening the pea pod and getting the peas out. He spent a good 10 minutes at the table after the rest of us were done still "shucking" his peas and then he asked for more. I just thought it was so cute! I love his sweet passion for things, his patience and willingness to get done whatever he puts his mind too. He is so sweet and loving and concentrates on so many things. Its so wonderful to just watch the wheels turning in his head as he figures things out and I love to watch when things finally click for him in his mind, its just so much fun!!!

Turning it so many ways trying to figure out the best way to open it!

Not sure why his eyes are so drugged up looking, maybe he was so tired because of all teh work he had to do for his food.
I love his face, pure concentration.

Love those sweet eyes!

Trying so hard.

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Jon and Sunny Robbins said...

He looks so much like noah. I can't help wondering how diffrent his personality is from Landon's. We miss you guys.