Thursday, October 21, 2010

First food, Its about time!

Tayton is underweight, which is nothing new but because of that we have been waiting (un)patiently for him to be able to eat rice cereal to hopefully boost his weight gain to more then 12 grams a day (which is good for a 4 month old who gained weight normally up until this point but its not fast enough for him now because he is tech. 2 months). So needless to say we have now started rice cereal and he LOVES it. He is a pretty clean eater too, he doesnt spit it all out like his brothers did he actually gulps it all down. He does stick his hands in his mouth so if Im not holding them down he will get them in there and then get rice cereal all over his hands and then smile at me about it. He makes me laugh! He grunts and kicks his legs so hard when he sees me with the food. It always cracks me up that babies cry when they see food, like when Im trying to get everything "out" to breast feed he does the fake fussing, it cracks me up, Im right here getting ready to feed you and now you fuss. ahh babies they are too funny!!!
(side note: today at his check up he was 9 lbs 15.5 oz [yippie almost 10 lbs] and 24 1/4 inches)

There is the tongue again. :O) yummy!!! Yummy food!!!

I love love love his ears! I think they are just adorable!

He loved his food! such a cutie (see the poor scratches on his forhead? those would be his love from his big brother Lenny... I mean braddoc)
Oh so cute!!! I think he is just so cute in this picture, I love that face and how happy he looks. Again I love those ears.
Cracks me up with his eyes closed... must be savoring his food.
More tongue! He loves his tongue and I think its just so adorable, its always coming out "to say hello"

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