Thursday, October 21, 2010

Random cuteness!

The boys got cute little animals blankets and have been having a blast running around with them on. Braddoc a puppy and Landon a monkey!!!

Two of my cute little men!!! Tayton loves his daddy so much! they are best buds, he gets a big smile on his face anytime he sees Noah.
Braddoc finally has learned how to cover his eyes when the sun is in them. Really makes driving during the day alot easier because he screams a lot less. If only he would keep his sun glasses on. Too bad Landon hasnt figured this out yet.

Love this cute kid!! Time for a hair cute though, we got him one so Ill post pics of that soon.

Just a shuckin away!

So as a kid I always loved to shuck peas with my grandma/pa and granny. I loved watching it happen on tv for some reason it just gave me the warm and fuzzies, I also loved eating the raw peas and just picking them and eating them. Maybe because of this is where my loved for sugar snap peas comes from, I love to eat them so we have them for dinner about once a week. Never had Braddoc ever tried to crack them open and get the peas out from inside them until the other night. I looked over at him and saw him concentrating so hard on opening the pea pod and getting the peas out. He spent a good 10 minutes at the table after the rest of us were done still "shucking" his peas and then he asked for more. I just thought it was so cute! I love his sweet passion for things, his patience and willingness to get done whatever he puts his mind too. He is so sweet and loving and concentrates on so many things. Its so wonderful to just watch the wheels turning in his head as he figures things out and I love to watch when things finally click for him in his mind, its just so much fun!!!

Turning it so many ways trying to figure out the best way to open it!

Not sure why his eyes are so drugged up looking, maybe he was so tired because of all teh work he had to do for his food.
I love his face, pure concentration.

Love those sweet eyes!

Trying so hard.

Making Fooky houses!

The other night for FHE we decorated a haunted house. The boys had a blast doing it and we let them do it all by themselves, which they loved. The roof kept falling off so I got out super glue to glue the roof on and Noah teased me that it did not have to be perfect and here I was enterfering and being anal about it. I laughed and said ok should we let them decorate gingerbread pieces and not a house? Noah said "no but super glue?" me "well its not staying up with the frosting so yes anal mommy is using super glue." So I used it and it finally stayed up and the boys didnt know the difference.

I really think they ate more candy and frosting then the acutally put on the house, but whatever they wanted to do we let them. It was so fun to watch them enteract together and work on it together. I especially loved turning around and seeing Noah squeezing frosting into there mouth.... ah something only dads will do at 7:30 at night. Then of course because Braddoc saw daddy doing it he decided that he was going to just suck on his frosting the whole time. I loved watching them, and I loved that Noah was the one who washed them up in the shower....that frosting in the hair looked like a pain to get out. :O) I am so blessed by so many smiling wonderful moments of just simple pleasure.

Here they are hiding from me (just random non house decorating but still cute) The finished product. Fooky isnt it? (Fooky is Landon and Braddocs way of saying spooky)
Eating there bodies weight in frosting.
I just love that Braddoc is looking like he is in a sugar coma. And yet he is still sucking away on the frosting bag, and of course Landon is loving getting fed frosting.
working together to decorate it. I just loved watching them together.

First food, Its about time!

Tayton is underweight, which is nothing new but because of that we have been waiting (un)patiently for him to be able to eat rice cereal to hopefully boost his weight gain to more then 12 grams a day (which is good for a 4 month old who gained weight normally up until this point but its not fast enough for him now because he is tech. 2 months). So needless to say we have now started rice cereal and he LOVES it. He is a pretty clean eater too, he doesnt spit it all out like his brothers did he actually gulps it all down. He does stick his hands in his mouth so if Im not holding them down he will get them in there and then get rice cereal all over his hands and then smile at me about it. He makes me laugh! He grunts and kicks his legs so hard when he sees me with the food. It always cracks me up that babies cry when they see food, like when Im trying to get everything "out" to breast feed he does the fake fussing, it cracks me up, Im right here getting ready to feed you and now you fuss. ahh babies they are too funny!!!
(side note: today at his check up he was 9 lbs 15.5 oz [yippie almost 10 lbs] and 24 1/4 inches)

There is the tongue again. :O) yummy!!! Yummy food!!!

I love love love his ears! I think they are just adorable!

He loved his food! such a cutie (see the poor scratches on his forhead? those would be his love from his big brother Lenny... I mean braddoc)
Oh so cute!!! I think he is just so cute in this picture, I love that face and how happy he looks. Again I love those ears.
Cracks me up with his eyes closed... must be savoring his food.
More tongue! He loves his tongue and I think its just so adorable, its always coming out "to say hello"

So much personalitiy!

While Tayton may not physically be getting very big he is defenitely acting like a four month old. He makes all sorts of faces and laughs all the time. He started rolling from his stomach to his back today and loves to push up and stand up everytime I am trying to feed him. He loves to be standing and sitting up in the middle of everything. He wants everyone to be around him and is an expert at the pouty face, I totally need to snag a picture of that. He is such a joy to have around and I think at 4 months is by far my strongest baby. I constantly find myself just staring at him and just being in awe of the fact that I have 3 amazing children who love me unconditionally. I adore them and could not have imagined ever loving human beings more until I was married and then started having babies. All these wonderful men in my home are just so amazing. I feel often times like my heart is just going to explode with love. Braddoc gets so excited about things and jumps up and down and cheers about EVERYTHING, I love that about him, because he wears his emotions on his sleeves and you always know that he is just exploding with happiness.

He loves his fingers and always is stinking them in his mouth. Love this face, it cracks me up. where did he learn that?

man I love this boy!!! he is just so wonderfully perfect. Now if we can only get some weight on him. :O)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

My beeber choola

So this little man is CRAZY! In a totally good way of course. He is such a busy busy little man and he is so smart too. He is constantly blowing me away. He is learning things so fast and it his big brothers little twin. He does whatever Landon does and thinks Landon is just the coolest thing in the world. He does such crazy things and constantly makes me think to try and figure out how to teach him about bad things. I finally figured out that putting him in the corner works most the time.

He screams at the top of his lungs with a huge smile on his face, which drives us all crazy and gives us mom headaches so I tried washing his mouth out with soap. When I did he said "Um yummy mommy, yum more mommy more!" Um i dont think thats how its supposed to work.

He smiles all the time, loves to climb on the table, loves to jump all over the place (and is pretty good at it), he loves trains, loves Nemo and Mickey Mouse, he thinks all things that are in the water are whales or sharks, he loves puppies but wont go near them (he gets down on there level and says "hi puppy hi"), he loves making tunnels and growling at things. He has MAJOR attitude and its just too funny. He has a huge vocabulary now and loves to sing. His favorite songs are "Happy birthday to you" ( hapa birf a you, hapa birfa you) I am a child of god (he sings the song along with me at bed and is really good at it), Rock a bye baby (again can sing most the song) Popcorn, and Sunbeam. He loves to conduct music during FHE and loves to organize things, when I put him at the table to color, he organizes the crayons and markers. He loves all kinds of animals and loves to see them and look at them in books. He is obsessed with bird and will just say is over and over again, we say bird is like squrriel for him (from the movie UP) its so hilarious when he sees one. he loves getting scared and running away from us laughing. He loves playing the monster and jumping on the bed. He loves talking on the phone and randomly calls people on my cell phone. He loves popcorn and poptarts and brings them to me all the time to open for him to eat. He loves BUZZ ( for some reason he went from saying Woody and Buzz to now just calling both of them BUZZ). He loves to sleep and will just carry his blanket around with him and lay in random places.

When he looks at us through those beautiful big eyes I just melt. He tells me Shorry mom Shorry, everytime he does something bad. He tells Tayton Shorry Baby Shorry, a lot, because he gets a bit jealous and pushes him, or gets too lovey and hurts him by kissing him to hard (he joke that he is like Lenny from OF MICE AND MEN).

Some of the totally cute words he says:

Pop part (poptart)
Pop porn (popcorn)
Chi goh (child of god)
Wawart (water)
Coh (cold)
eyesh (ice)
Memi (minnie)
poopo (pluto)
memo (nemo)
monster roar
makes elephant sounds and moves his arm like a trunk
landi ( he saw himself on the tv screen the other day at the store and was jumping up and down saying. "hi Landi, Hi! Landi Hi!" and when he did not see himself he would jump around till he saw himself again, we are really working on him understanding that he is Braddoc)
Where roar you?
Go k? (you ok)
Ruv ooh (love you, he tells us this all the time, he will just come up and give us hugs and say that to us. He first said it on his own the other day when Noah was heading to work, he told the boys bye and see you later and Braddoc says "Ruv ooh dad, bye" It made Noah cry, it was so sweet)
See Mom see? Mom see?
Nana (bananna, he is allergic, but loves them and always wants one, we of course dont give him one which makes him even mader)
Where .... go? Where r day mom? (.... insert name, he is so good with names and asks for people all teh time, he just blows me away with how many names he knows)

There are a ton more, but Its getting late and I cant think any more.

His nicknames (who knows where these all came from)
Beeber choola (from Landon)

He loves to tell everyone hi. At the grocery store today he just kept saying hi, bye, where rar you? to everyone

So silly! He loves to wear hats and things on his head, but not for too long. When he wants to show you how cute he is (which he likes to do everytime he gets dressed) he goes See, see mom, see? and sticks/pokes his tummy out for me to see.
He loves to put stickers on his face. It cracks me up, everytime he goes to the doc for shots (which is alot because he is having blood issues) he gets two stickers and the only way I can get him to stop crying to to put the stickers on his face.
He does this a lot and gets into so much trouble for climbing on the table, but he doesnt care and hasnt seemed to have gotten it yet that its bad.

Braddoc as an elephant.

He loves to sit at the counter to eat, makes him feel like a big boy. He was eating poptarts and playing with mickey, making him dance on the poptart and making him talk. I loved watching it, it was just precious.

He is just so silly, he makes us all laugh all the time.

he loves to line stuff up. Cars, trains, characters anything! Its really cute, Landon did the same thing, its must be the age.

Braddoc had his first dentist appointment too, no cavaties for this little man. He was very leary at first but after playing with some trains for a bit he got into the chair with his blanket and did very good. He loved this counting his teeth and told me See mom? it was very sweet!

He always pretends to fall asleep in the car. Everytime we go to get him out he is pretending to be asleep. He loves it when we tell him shush! braddoc is sleeping. He gets a big grin and then pretends to wake up!

He had just learned how to drink out of a straw and was in heaven. He felt like he was sucha big boy. This pictures cracks me up because Noah is fussing at Landon and Braddoc is just staring at him taking it all in.

This picture is my all time favorite. Its one of the few times we have captured Braddoc in his true form on film. He is so silly, I cant even explain his crazy busy personality he is just so goofy. This picture says it all.

He is very resourceful. He dumped out the whole bucket so he could turn it over and get up to reach the DVD player. Oh man what to do with this kid. He has now peed on a lap top, flooded a bathroom (it ran downstairs through the floor into the kitchen), broke multiple things and is my first kid who I had to take to the ER for a possibly broken bone.

He loves kissing his baby!

They were playing FHE, they read scriptures and sang songs and had prayers and danced. It was so cute! I loved watching them, I tried not to make myself known so that they would keep playing FHE it was just so amazing. One of those moments where I thought, okay its all worth it. Every scripture time, family prayer and FHE where I feel like nothing is getting through, obviously it is. Landon taught him a lesson about Joseph Smith and Jesus, and showed him pictures.

He loves hanging out with his baby!

Them singing their songs during their pretend FHE.

He sure knows how to melt my heart.
He loves his baby buzz and has to sleep with him. I love this picture! He is just so sweet.

My Landi Pandi

Landon has been such a big helper lately with Tayton. And when he is not incouraging Braddoc to scream or fighting over Geo Trax trains he is a pretty good big brother to Braddoc too. They usually get along so well and are really good buddies. At enrichment the other night I went to the window of the nursery to peek in on them, thinking they were probably having a blast getting to play with their friends and I found them playing with each other. It was very sweet and everytime after that that I checked in there they were playing with or hugging with and laughing with each other. They both had really good friends in there too so it was so nice and refreshing to see them with each other having so much fun.

Landon started preschool last month and loves it. He tells me about his friends and snack time all the time. The first thing he tells me when I ask how it went was what he had for snack. The first time he was a bit whiney when I left but not to too, and then he was like the 7th (out of 23) to get picked up and so he for whatever reason thought I was not coming and so when I left him the next day he cried and cried and throw a fit screaming on the ground. I told him we would go for ice cream when I picked him up but it still did not calm him down. It was so hard to leave him but his teachers said he calmed down and was really good after that. He loves getting to take a book and a toy for show and tell and each week they have a color that the kids wear so he loves picking out his clothes to match the color. At home to encourage him and his colors (which he already knew) we talk about all the things we see with that color. He has also learned how to spell the colors which is so fun he knows: red, purple, and yellow so far. He came home the first week singing 3 songs word for word. I am a pizza, Animals in the ocean, and then most of Going on a Bear hunt. He also knew all the motions he knew them so well he taught me and we went online and found the songs and then he taught Braddoc. Its been so nice to see him learning things so fast. He loves school which makes me really happy. The other day we were at Lowes and he told me he wanted to show me something, so I went with him and all of a sudden a little girl came running up to him and gave him a big hug. He told me her name and that she is his friend, and then her mom came up and said "is this Landon? we have heard so much about him, she talks about him everyday all day." Guess I have myself a ladies man, plus girls are the only ones he comes home and talks about.

He also went to the Dentist for the first time a few weeks ago ( I know Im a slacker). And he LOVED it! He loved them doteing on him and paying attention to him. He loved showing them how he brushed his teeth and hearing them tell him how good he is for brushing his teeth. He does have a cavity on his front tooth which I already kind of knew (thats why I took him in) so he is getting that filled next week, we shall see how well that goes.

He loves to hold Tayton and talk to him and tell him all about things, he is such a big helper and gets me diapers and clothes for Tayton all the time, most the time without being asked. When he goes to put on his PJs he always brings down some for Braddoc and Tayton.

He loves to play dress up and Star Wars (his new favorite thing) and of course still loves trains and playing outside.

He called his Mimi the other day and said "Hi mimi I miss you, Im still in Las Begas." He loves her so much and cant wait to go see him next month, he talks about her all the time and anytime we drive down the 95 (no idea why that road) he always says "Mom we are going to Mimis now!" He tells his teacher all the time that he is going to alaska. And when I told him it was 6 weeks away, he looks at his hands and gets very upset and says "But mom thats a long time, I cant have that many fingers." I showed him how to count on both hands and so that made it better but then he said, "I cant wait for it to be one hand." He is so ready to go visit. When I tried explaining snow to him he told me out of the blue, "Mom we are going to the snow! and go snowboarding, cause I know how to go snowboardings. We are going to bring our snowboarding right?"

He comes up with such crazy ways to tell me things it cracks me up. He knows his words and talks AMAZINGLY but I love to hear his weird way of thinking about things. He told me the other day. "Mom I want the pants where the circles dont go to my feet." He meant shorts, but it was too cute to hear what shorts really meant to him in his mind.

He calls stuff Fooky, like scooby doo. We have lots of Fooky stuff for halloween and he is getting such a big kick out of all of it. We have a halloween village on the counter and he LOVES it. I took him shopping to let him pick out the addition to it for this year, so he loves it even more.

Dressed up like an Alien (this is a 6-12 month outfit which makes it so funny)

An elephant, again way to small!
He hooked the truck up to the car and pulled Braddoc all around the house. They were laughing so hard!

He did smile in the next picture we took, but I thought this one was so funny!

His first dentist trip!

He was so good!

He was yelling at me to come look at what he did! They love to do this and then slide down it, so this time he was holding on and told me he was so cool.

He is in a mood when he wakes up from nap sometime. We joke that you cant anger the beast when he wakes up because he is such a bear. Not everytime but probably every other time, however we never know what day its going to be.

He loves his daddy! Daddy loves his space when eating lol so thats why Noah has a lovely look on his face.

His first day of school. Noah got off work for a bit so he could be there for his first borns first day, it was so nice for Landon, it made him so happy.

Possing for his first day with Braddoc.

They are so silly!!!

Loves loves loves his daddy!