Thursday, August 05, 2010

Taytons baby blessing

Tayton had his baby blessing at church on July 4th. He looks so super cute in his blessing outfit that one of my very dear friends, Kirsten, made for him. I love the little tie and Noah is a super supendars lover so we thought they were so cute. I love this little boy, he is so amazing and such a sweet baby. He was not happy for pictures because it was right after church and right in time for naps and food so none of my men were very happy to take pictures. I am so thrilled to have such an amazing family. I loved that he was blessed on the 4th, I will never forget his exact blessing day.

It was an amazing sweet and loving blessing lead by the spirit and given by Noah. I am so glad to be married to such a wonderful man who honors his priesthood and takes his role as patriarch of our family so seriously. It was a very precious and special day.

Love my big eyed boys.
Super cute in his tie.

The boys!!!

mommy and her sweet baby angel!!!

Daddy and his newest baby boy.
So Sweet!

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Kirsten said...

He's so handsome! I'm so glad his outfit actually fit him! You guys are such a cute little family!