Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tayton at 2 months

Man I love this kid. He is so amazing and so sweet. I just want to cuddle him all the time and give him lots and lots of kissed!!!
At his check up today his stats were:
8 pounds 8 oz
22 inches
He is only gaining about 20 grams a day which is the lowest number a baby can gain in a day so they are a little worried about him. He went from being in the 5th percentile in weight to the 3rd so he is just dropping. I saw a baby at the doctors office today who was there for their 2 week and Tayton was smaller then him, he is so tiny I dont know what to do with him sometimes, Im not used to such a tiny baby. He is on meds for acid reflux because he spits up just about everything he eats so they are trying to stop that, but its not helping as much as they would like so he has to get an ultra sound in the morning to make sure his asophogus is not to fat (if it is it means its harder for him to get food down it). Im hoping thats not the case but I will leave it in the lords hands and pray he is okay. He also is not tracking (which means he does not follow things with his eyes) Im not worried because Braddoc was the same way but they are going to keep an eye on him to make sure he starts doing it soon.

Here are some of the things we love about Tayton:
*his big beautiful eyes that look like they are going to pop out of his head. I think he has the biggest eyes yet of all our babies, (if thats even possible)

*he is starting to coo and its just such a soft sweet precious sound, it melts my heart. the first time Landon heard it he said, "Look mom Tayton can talk now."
*he sleeps for long stretches at a time which is great for mom to get a nap and to get some sleep at night.
*we finally figured out he would sleep better all together if we bought a wedge to put under his sheet on top of his matteress so he would not be flat and therefor not spit up as much. And now he sleeps for 7-8 hour stretches at night.
*he loves to lay his head on your shoulder and has started to wrap his arm around my shoulder like a little tiny baby hug.
*he loves to by warm and falls asleep almost as soon as we are outside.
*he hates his carseat and who can blame him? but he just whimpers about it every now and then and hardly fusses.
*the only time he cries if when one of his brothers loves on him a little too much and hurts him.
*he will grunt at us when he his hungry of poopy but doesnt really cry
*he has these cute little wrinkles on his tiny litte knees because he has like no fat on his body.
*he has the crooked pinky toe like his daddy and his brothers (what an odd ressive gene).
*he loves to be sung too.
*he is very patient with his big brothers who like to smother him in kisses and hugs and want to hold him all the time. He usually doesnt make a peep when they are both in his face, they only time he really makes an angry face at them is when they poke him.
*he smiles in his sleep A LOT, its so precious, and we are finally starting to get what looks like a smile while he is awake.
*he loves to cuddle up nice and close and fall asleep.
*he sleeps through all the scream and crying and yelling and craziness that goes on in our house, even when its happening only a foot or so away from him.
*he puts himself to sleep.

Here he is right at 8 weeks with his big eyes!!! :O)
7 weeks, just chilling and cooing in his swing, I love the "zoolander" face in this picture.
Has the same nose as his brothers but yet very different at the same time.

All the little men just chilling on the couch. If Tayton is on the couch Braddoc has to be right there with him.

My little pea in a pod, what a sweet angel.

So patient.

Roll TIDE!!! sportin the BAMA gear already.

So very sweet. Look at his long fingers, he has such big hands.

I love this picture!

Brotherly love!!

My sweet tiny little man

I had professional pictures taken at a month but we have yet to get them back yet. As soon as I get them Ill post some on here.


Kirsten said...

He's staying little so I can see him little in Dec! That's the reason, so now you don't have to worry anymore :) I can't believe how tiny he is! He looks so sweet, a tiny little angel!

mikensi jung said...

sorry, been behind the times! i can't believe you have 3 boys! all sooo handsome!!

Jon and Sunny Robbins said...

What a sweet baby! I hope they find out soon what can be done to heelp him gain weight. You have such handsome boys.
P.S. I got the invitation. Thanks!

Laura said...

Such a cute little one! Good luck with the reflux...I had a friend whose baby had it horribly but they finally figured everything out. I don't know what medicine they gave him but I do remember him taking something 15 minutes before every meal (or maybe just once/day). I'll remember him in our prayers, they sweet little boy!