Thursday, August 05, 2010

Braddocs 2nd birthday

Braddoc's 2nd birthday was a low key event with some of our good friends.
Braddocs best friend Brynlee was there and a Mickey Mouse cake.
That was all he needed and he loved it.

Is almost 4 enough old enough to shave? Well it is if you are just pretending. :O) Landons Aunts Kala and Emma (noahs younger and older sister) sent the boys all fun presents. They sent Tayton a pooh toy and some pooh car seat hangers and Braddoc a alien monster stuffed toy and Landon a shaving kit. As soon as they opened the box Landon wanted to go right away and shave, we told him he had to wait till bed time. "why mom because thats when daddy shaves?" so silly, "yes because thats when daddy shaves and you can shave with him."

So that night before bed they boys went into the bathroom and shaved like men. He had so much fun and has asked almost every night if he can shave, it is precious.

Learning to shave, and doing pretty darn good.
Getting ready to brush his shaved face? no he was doing his hair (like levi) when he was done.

Such handsome men, soon to be clean baby faced men.

man I love this kiddo he just cracks me on constantly.

tommorow he has his 4 year check up and Braddoc has his two year, so hopefully I can post about them each growing. when I told Landon he had a doctors appointment tommorow he asked me is the doctor was going to poke him. I told him it was his 4 year appointment and he would have to probably get his shots. "Mom get the phone now and call the doctor and ask them and tell them I dont want to get shots, and not to poke me okay?" I laughed and said we would talk to them tommorow to see and if he did have to get shots he would get a band aid and stickers (which he loves) and it seemed to have made him feel better. But I thought it was so cute that he wanted me to call and talk to the doctor about his shots.


Katie The Lady said...

That is so cute!!!

Jon and Sunny Robbins said...

So Sweet!