Thursday, August 05, 2010

Cowabunga dudes!!!! Landon turns 4

Landon had two parties this year. What a lucky little boy! First he had a Ninja turtle party with 8 of his friends. They learned Ninja moves from Master Splinter (Noah) and played pin the mask on Leonardo, watched TMNT movies and ate pizza and cake and ice cream and opened presents. He had a blast!!! They loved learning the ninja moves and were so cute, but horrible mom I am I did not get any pictures of it.

Then we had a party the next night with all of our "family" all the grandparents (not really his grandparents but he has adopted them and calls them his grandparents). Grandma Joni and Steve and Grandma and Grandpa Graham. (and his real grandparents, Nana and pops). We asked what he wanted for his birthday dinner and he said he wanted Taco Salad so thats what we had.

This kid racked up the gifts man and loved EVERY single one of them.

He got for his birthday from his friends: A batman lunch box, a bunch of star wars action figures, two green retracktable light sabers, a cool green soccer blanket (made for him), star wars shirt, mickey mouse game, letter/number puzzle, star wars "school stuff", a bike, a transformers helmet, a toy story scooter, talespin movie, darkwing duck movie, swan princess movie, ninja turtle, a ninja turtle costume, baseball bat and balls, a construction block set, a toy saxaphone, a noahs arc matching game and a remote control car.

Opening mimis presents (he got to go pick out some stuff earlier that day too) Eating his birthday cup cakes from his family party.

Love this kiddo he was watching us all sing to him.

He helped me and noah make and decorate his cupcakes in the ninja turtles colors.

He had LOTS and LOTS of help opening his presents.

Braddoc playing pin the mask on....not quit getting the conscept of the mask.

Opening is presents. he woke up that morning and said he needed to wear green for ninja turtles and blue for leonardo, so he totally did not match but he was so cute.

All his friends spinning him.

pinning the mask on.
Getting ready for pizza. He said we had to eat ninja turtles pizza for his dinner with friends because thats what all ninja turtles eat.

His birthday invites. Little pizzas in pizza boxes. You can find these free at any pizza place. They gave me 15 for free.

His leonardo ninja turtle cake. He is coming out of the sewer like Landon wanted.

His friends at his party: Chase Lewis, Aylee Christenson, Mikie Cox, Garyn McGuire, Gracie Schwarz, Levi Stewart, Owyn Malcolm, and Ethan Booth.
I love this kiddo he is so much fun!!!


Jon and Sunny Robbins said...
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Jon and Sunny Robbins said...

How fun! Good job on the cake! I had wondered how his birthday had been! Happy be-lated birthday Landon.