Monday, June 28, 2010

Whats in a name?

So Tayton Bryant. Where did you come up with that? Ive never heard that before, did you make it up? Are just a few of the questions we have been asked so here is the story behind the name.

Bryant for us for some reason was a no brainer to come up with. As soon as we knew it was a boy we knew his middle name would be Bryant. We are HUGE Alabama college football fans. I mean HUGE! Its the only time I watch sports on TV like ever and I never miss a game. (I missed the air show one year because the game went into over time and I refused to leave and miss the end of the game) I have been an Alabama fan my whole life and grew up hearing all about the legendry Alabama coach Bear Bryant. I love his awesome hat and anything to do with that legendry Alabama design. So needless to say Bryant came from that man, the Alabama legend himself. :O) Not after a family member or even close friend but someone I have grown up admiring since I was little (big enough to understand how amazing he was). I love football, I love to watch it and talk about it and read about it. I recently found a block saying that I am going to buy and it said "FAITH, FAMILY, FRIENDS, FOOTBALL", that pretty much sums up our life. Noah loves football and played in High School. I loved to go to the high school football games and I loved to watch Noah play. Football is a big thing in our house, the boys have all watched it since they were tiny, Landon totally gets into the games and loves football season (though he wants to be a soccer player instead) so alas we finally gave one of our boys a name that comes from the sport we love. :O)

Tate was a name I fell in love with as a kid. I have always thought it was a cool name. When I got pregnant this time and we found out it was a boy we sat down at the computer and searched in all the obscure places for a name (we like different names) any time we came up with something I took it to the Social Security website to see how popular it was, if it was on the list (top 1000) at all then it got vetoed and believe me there was alot of vetoing going on: Deacon, Ryland, Finn, Declan, Brecken, and Paecen were just a few names that got thrown on the chopping block. We went to one sight that had the weirdest names on it and we really got a kick out of reading those names but after a few weeks of looking and vetoing I was getting very discouraged because we still only had a middle name. I had this feeling the whole pregnancy that he was going to be a very sweet soft spoken little boy and so I wanted a name that went with that. We came up with several names that we really liked but felt that they were to "harsh or strong" sounding names (so we figured we save those for other boys we may have) Bryant means "noble, strong and virtous" so we thought we would start looking into names that would go hand in hand with that meaning. We have never been into the meaning of names: Landon means grassy plain and Braddoc is broad oak, so obviously we have not cared about that till this point. We also realized during this time that we had some how given all the men in our family first and middle names that only had the vowels O and A in them (Noah Ross, Landon Ross, and Braddoc Ammon) so we thought it would be neat if we could stick with that on this name too (it was not a must just a thought) We also have gone with Irish last names so we thought we would try to stick with that. After a few weeks we finally tossed around the name Tate again (it was on our list when we first got married) but it was on the social security website and it was too short to sound good with Jenkins (we thought) and it did not have an O and was not a last name or Irish for that matter. Finally we started changing around names we liked, adding letters, moving letters, and all that fun stuff. By this point Im stressing because we have never had such a hard time coming up with a name. One day Noah was was looking at our list and just wrote down Tate and then added a N on the end (Taten) and left it at that. The next day I walked by the list (its sitting on the counter) and saw Taten and thought, huh that sounds cool, so I took it too Social Security and it was not on there, I googled it and came up with nothing. YEAH! This looks promising, so I started to play around and realized we could make it O and A and thus it became Tayton. Tate means "cheerful" which fit with Bryants meaning well and then I find that Tayton is an Irish Last name (not a common one but it was on the list) so there we had it. Our A and O Irish last name.

I was still not sure about it because I really liked another name we had, Noah did not like that name though (and it was not as soft sounding as tayton). But the deal was sealed when Landon came down stairs one day talking to some one. I asked him who he was talking too and he told me "Tater Tot" (which is what Noah and I said we could nickname Tayton) Now we had not said a word to Landon about the name nor had we even talked about it while he was awake so I was a bit taken aback. I asked him who Tater Tot was and he said "He is my friend, he lives upstairs." I asked him if I could see him and he said "No not yet he said only I could see him but that very soon he would come to live with us and we would all be able to see him." It literally sent chills up my spine and made my eyes well up with tears. For the rest of the day and many weeks after he talked about Tater Tot alot and told me he could not wait to meet him. It was very sweet.

So there you have it Where we came up with Tayton Bryant.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Tayton Bryant

Warning: LOADS of pictures ahead.
So I finally went into labor on my own. Third times the charm so they say. :O) I am so greatful to have gone into labor on my own, it was a much nicer experience all together, however the two weeks on intense contractions were not the funnest but they were still better then induction contractions.

Anyway heres the story: Wednesday night Noah has a ball game so I made sure I walked all around with the boys, I was just at 37 weeks and figured I better really work on getting him out now. I was having contractions for a few weeks so I figured there was no harm in trying to help them along. Tuesday at my doctors appointment she told me I was a good 3 and very soft and that really it could be anyday, so I knew something might happen. All night Wed. night I could not sleep I was so uncomfortable. All morning on Thursday I felt sick to my stomach and had been throwing up most the morning, by the time Noah left for work on Thursday I was really uncomfortable, but having never gone into labor on my own I had no idea thats what was happening. When I woke up from nap around 4 I was feeling a lot of pressure and tightness. About 30 minutes later I started bleeding and freaked out a bit and called the doctor who said all was fine and to just relax and if I was still bleeding the next day to call back. I called Noah to see if he could come home early because I felt really bad. He got home around 5 and by then I was moving around just to try to relieve some of the pressure. We ate dinner (or they did, I was nausuas and not hungery) and then we decided to go on a walk. I about died, I was huffing and puffing and in so much pain. When we got home I called the doctor back (labor and delivery this time) and when I told them about the pain and bleeding they told me to come in immediately. We loaded up the boys and took them to our wonderful friends The Stewarts house and in my mind I was so hoping this was it but I figured it probably was not just because I had never gone on my own.

We get to the hospital and they take one look at my face walking in the door and said "Thats the look, she has the face of a woman in labor." (seriously I look that much in pain?) So they hook me up and come in about 30 minutes later and say "You said you thought you were having contractions?" I said "Yeah they are pretty intense, alot of pressure so I think thats them, nothing like induction contractions but Im pretty sure they are contractions." The sweet nurse Angie looks at me and says "We are not picking up any on the monitor." I thought I was going to cry....seriously, and right then I felt another one coming and told her as much so she felt me belly and sure enough was shoked that I was having one because it still was not on the monitor. She moved the monitor around and after 10 minutes came back and said "Yep you have 3 in the last 10 minutes." She then checked me and said "Your a 5 we are having a baby." YEAH!!!!

Then we talked about pain managment. I decided its a first time for everything so Im going natural. The doc Dr. Torres comes in and tells me my water is bulging and that it will go faster if they break it, I tell her to go for it and instantly go to a 6 almost 7. All well and good and Im making it through the pain (as they said like a champ) by walking around and watching tv while bouncing on a ball until after 3 hours (about midnight) all contractions stop. Really???? So then I get the option of an epidural to try and get some sleep and see if that helps me progress. I did not want one (its my least favorite part of labor and by this point Im not having contractions so really no pain) but after Noahs coxing I finally get one. It took them an hour and a half to get the dang thing in. After 4 tries they finally get it in and I start shaking uncontrollably and so obviously get no sleep, the nurse checks me and Im at an 8. After about 3 hours so roughly 4:30 am (still no sleep) the nurse comes into check me again and Im still at an 8 and no progress for Tayton moving lower either. I look at Noah and through my massively chattering teeth and tears tell him how discouraged I am and how tired I am. Right then we loss Tayton on the monitors and so Angie is trying to get him back on the monitor, another nurse comes in to help and after about 5 minutes (4:35) they tell me they are going to have to hook him up to the internal monitor. They go to put hook it up and tell me to not move because "OMG his head is literally right here, he has black hair too. Dont breath or move we need to get the doctor." So in 5 minutes I go from that 8 to a 10 and he is here waiting. I kept telling her while she was trying to fix the monitor that something felt different.... so I guess I was right.

So Dr. Torres comes in and laughs because he is so close to coming out. She tells me to push and I give her my Landon and Braddoc push and she yells "STOP, not so hard, I should have known you are a pro at this, I just need to to like cough because his head is almost out." Seriously? NO pushing at all? So I cough about twice and out he comes. HOLY COW!!!!! so thats what all those woman talk about when they say they did not have to push, I never thought I would be one of them but I guess I was wrong.

So needless to say it went fast once it happened. :O) My discouragement quickly faded to pure joy (it lasted only 5 minutes before I was told he was on his way) and the joy has yet to stop.

Here I am 37 weeks on the dot getting ready to get checked out to see if its the real deal.Tayton Bryant Jenkins
6 pounds 8.4 ounces
20 inches
4:47 amThe rest are in no particular order.
My sweet little angel. He is such a good baby. He hardly makes a peep (he however is an occasionally noisy sleeper)
All my babies with their hats that their adopted Grandma Waite made them (she is my Visting Teacher and they love her)
What a sweet angel!!!

First simi real bath. :O)
Braddocs kisses look more like bites.... but Im glad he loves his baby brother so much. (look at my face, I look horrid.)
They both want to hold him all the time and fight over who gets to hold him first. I am glad they love him so much. They are both being such big helpers and great big brothers.
His coming home from the hospital outfit. The shorts literally fell off, he is so tiny.
My super cheesie boy!!!

First time holding Tayton!
First time holding his baby, and being introduced as a big brother. It was a big day for Braddoc.

Just a few hours after he was born.
First kiss!!!

Tayton is now 6 pounds 5 ounces. Poor guy has acid reflux and cant keep anything down, but he is such a good sport and does not cry at all, even when I have to change him 10 times a day because he spits up all over. He sleeps for 4 hour stretchs except at night when I have to wake him after 6 hours. About 10-4. One night he went down at 9 and I woke up at 5 thinking oh my gosh I need to feed him and he was still sound asleep. I am so happy and feel so lucky to have three amazing sons. Life is good!!!

I will post later about how we got the name Tayton Bryant because of course there is a story behind all our kids names. :O)