Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Belly pictures!!!

So here are the long awaited belly pictures. :O) Well for those of you who have stuck with me during my blogging slump. Noah has been virtually none existant this whole pregnancy because they have been working him like crazy at work and then when he gets home he has hours of homework so life has been insane lately and I barely have time to get on the computer to check email.
The baby is good and the pregnancy itself has been great my kidneys have been giving me some major problems and I find myself spending at least a day a month in the hospital first the ER then Labor and delivery. Anyway I am hoping that sometime in the next few days I can get on here and update our life. :O)

Anyway for some reason the pictures are loading weird and wont let me move them to the right order or even see them for that matter. So the first picture is just of me and my sweet sleepy babies. Then its the most recent belly picture taken about a week ago monday and then the next was taken on March 5th and then Im not sure the dates but the very last picture was taken about 16 weeks I think and Im 28 as of tommorow so you do the math. :O) Anyway hope you enjoy, sorry its taken me so long to post anything. :O)