Wednesday, January 27, 2010


We are expecting baby #3 July 1st 2010 and......

its a boy Pictures, Images and Photos It wont let me upload the pictures from the ultrasound right now but when I cant I will post some pictures of him.

We knew right away as soon as she started scanning over the baby that it was a boy. We were SOOOOO sure it was a girl that we both looked at each other, laughed and said. "did you just see what I saw?" (one of those jinx type moments) Yep sure enough there is something extra between the legs. :O) No denying he is a boy, he wanted to make us very certain that he was NOT a girl as we were so sure he was but that he was our baby boy.

We are very thrilled, it took a bit to get over the shock since this pregnancy has been night and day from what Landon and Braddoc were (who were both identical in pregnancy) and my cravings were so different, I am barely sick at all, just really tired and we had a girls name all picked out and ready to go, we have never had a girls name before so this was a first for us. We are now frantically trying to come up with a boys name, for those of you who know me really well, you know that this is a source of major stress for me, I dont want to name my baby something different then what there name should be so I have been a little stressed about this. :O)

I have wanted to do a pirates room for the boys for a long time but we have so much vintage sports stuff that Ihave never felt like I should spend money to redo their rooms. Now I think we will put the baby with Landon combine up all the sports stuff into there room and give Braddoc a pirate room (which will be the babies as soon as Braddoc turns 3 and I put him in with Landon) Landon has also been begging for bunk beds so I think we can finally go buy a bunk bed, there are some really cool ones out there so I have been enjoying looking for one.

I watch my boys and feel this overwhelming love for them , I am so excited to have yet another future priesthood holder be born into my home, I feel truly blessed that Heavenly Father trusts me enjoy to bless me with a few of his precious sons, looking at them and watching them grow helps me better understand the sacrafice that our father in heaven went through when he sent his son to earth knowing that he would suffer pain beyond any of our comprehension and death beyond anything we could ever imagine. I can not begin to explain the overwhelming since of importance that I feel being a mother to boys, trying to prepare them to be husbands and fathers and priesthood holders. I feel so blessed to be able to bring another righteous spirit into my home and I hope that one day heavenly father will bless me with a daughter but if thats not in the plan for me I will rejoyce in having amazing loving sons who will bless me with wonderful daugher in laws.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Warning LOTS And LOTS of Braddoc ahead!!!

So as far as bad mom bloggers go I feel like the worst at the moment. I woke up at 4 this morning and could not stop thinking about how much I loved my family and how I could not imagine life with out them. I thought about the little things that made me love each of them and how different my sweet sleeping angel boys were. When I started thinking about Braddoc I realized that I have not postedd many pictures or things about him in a LONG time and so I figured my goal for today would be to post about him and why we love him so much

* He loves to dance and anytime any kind of music or rythm (such as Landon jumping on the bed) comes on or he hears it he immediately goes into jamming mode. Arms up, bouncing up and down lips pursed in a kissing mode. It does not matter where we are or what it is the rythm always takes him over.

* He idolizes his big brother, he thinks that every thing he does is sooooo cool and will just watch him for hours he always says "Woooooowwww" of "Whhhooooaaaa" when Landon does anything.

* He can now walk after 17 months he is finally walking and he is an old pro at it.

* He is a perfectionist, he does not like to do something till he has perfected it. He will sit forever trying to figure something out and is so patient when it comes to learning he does not get frustrated quickly like Landon does, he will take his time until he has perfected it or figured it out.

*When he really wants love he will either lay his head on your lap or on some piece of furniture or lay down on the floor and be so quiet, he will do this for a few seconds and then look up to see if you are watching and if you are he will do it again until you give him love.

*He loves to do something over and over again once he has learned it. Like going up and down the stairs once he mastered it (two times of trying) he started to go up and come back down over and over for about an hour.

* He does not like messes if he spills his snacks he will sit and maticulously put them all back in his bowl, sticking his tongue out the whole time in consentration. Its very precious to watch.

*He loves baths and LOVES bubbles.

* If he is trying to be silly or is throwing a pretend fit to get your attention he will look straight at you but then move his eyes till he is looking out the corners of them and then get this sly grin and if its a fit then he will do it look back at you and do it again with this fake pout.

*He LOVES to eat and is the last one at the table, he always finishes off Landons left overs (because Landon likes to share) and then as soon as he gets down he is under the table looking for more.

* We found out he is allergic to milk and he has been very good about not getting jealous of what Landon can have and what he cant.

* He loves to play in the toliet and put whole rolls of toliet paper in there and on one very lovely occassion he figured out how to flush is down the toliet along with a bunch of Landons poo, yes that was lovely to stick my hand in and try to pull out so the toliet would not be backed up.... and he always thinks its the greatest to play in the toliets Landon has not flushed..... oh Braddoc why must you do such naughty things. :O)

* He is not a dare devil, he waits to have something down before he tries but once he learns to climb something he is climbing everything. He likes to move the stool around the house and climb on it to reach things and pull food off the counter because obviously my millions of meals and snacks are not enough.

* He loves to talk and will jabber constantly. He will also look at you very seriously point his finger up and tell you something very seriously then nod his head and say "Ahhhh?" He has said many words perfectly like: Juice, Sleep, More, Eat, Snack, bad boy, Play, Go, Milk, binkie, and Sorry, but then has NEVER EVER said them again. The only words we get on a constant basis are: Mommy, Aurie, Landi, Braddy (braddoc), baby, Hi, bye, yeah, and Occasionally Daddy (noah is usually mommy and I am Aurie).

He idolizes his big brother
He loves to rearrange the pantry, its funny to see where he moves things too.
Oh Landon you are soooo cool.

Mom listen to me!!!!!
He LOVES Corn and will bring me cans of corn to eat.
When Landons not around and he can just lounge watch a Baby Einstein and drink juice he is in heaven.
He loves to entertain. When he was first learning to walk he would walk a few steps and then purposely throw himself flat on the floor and lay down and then see if you were watching, standing up take a few more steps and do it again, laughing the whole time.

He loves to be mobile and to run away from you as fast as he can.

Sometimes he loves to cuddle and so at least two or three times a day he will come to cuddle and will cuddle for a long time giving lots of hugs and kisses and just lay on your shoulder but when he is done he is done and you better let him move on to his next "mission".

He LOVES pasta of any kind. He does not like to leave any noodle untouched. I know if I am making pasta to make a ton for left overs because he will eat them like crazy.

He pointing and telling us about something very important im sure.

Dancing and getting down with his dad, Im sure you can see exactly where he gets his moves from.

Just hanging out with the brother. Like how each one has a sock, he will find random socks and bring them to us to put on him.
My handsome loving boys before church. Braddoc loves to give hugs to everyone especially Landon and babies.

He loves to hide in the cabinets, under bins, behind doors anywhere he thinks is funny.

Learning how to work out at a very young age. He is so much more a daddies boy then Landon every was.
Again Landon is just super cool.

He loves trains just as much as his big brother.
He loves to play dress up and always has something crazy and silly on. The front of his shirt is soaking wet because he loves to drink from big boy cups and then when he is done slip it so he can play in it.

Always happy and smiling with those big beautiful eyes.
Discovering a new toy....not mommies favorite might I add.

This one is one in a million and we are so blessed to have him in out life. He was at kind of a developmental road block so to speak until Noah got home when he is 14 months and in the last 3 months he has grown so fast, learning to talk, walk, crawl, run, climb, eat on his own, explore and become such an amazing child with this huge personality. I am so blessed to have such an amazing child and am greatful every day that my Father in Heaven has intrusted me with such an amazing spirit.