Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Apple(s) of my eye

My boys LOVE apples. They cant seem to get enough of them. Almost everytime I turn around one of them has gotten into the fridge and gotten an apple out. Braddoc usually only gets one for himself, (not sure he understands the concept of "sneaking one for his brother" yet) But whenever Landon gets one out he makes sure he gets one for both of them, so good a sharing when he does not really have to share. :O)
They crake me up everyday at the things they know how to do. These first two pictures are the aftermath of me going to answer the door, bring in a box and come right back to the kitchen, they sure are fast little buggers.

This two are birds of a feather. They are so different and at the same time so much alike. They wear me out, but in a good way. Its hard to keep up with them sometimes and they never fail to make me laugh or feel very loved.

This cracked me up. The pantry is OFF limits, besides the fact that they can sneak food out and its filled with food storage items that are NOT edible, they like to play in here and make a mess, so it has been deamed off limits. Does not stop them from sneaking in and so this is what I found the other day walking through the kitchen. Sorry buddy thats not an apple its a potatoe and while very yummy cooked, does not taste so good raw, :O) which he quickly figured out~~


Kirsten said...

I love the first pic. Priceless.

Katie The Lady said...

My boys love apples too. In the fall we walk around town and pick apples fromm all the trees, and they just eat and eat and eat!

I love the potato-YUCK! I bet he won't make that mistake again-hahaha!

Amy said...

cute. They are good at getting into no-no's while you are busy! My boys are good at that too.

Kruger Family said...

Oh my gosh I can't believe how big your boys are. You look GREAT by the way. Your hair has gotten so long. I miss ya and I can't wait to move back and see you guys more.