Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Apple(s) of my eye

My boys LOVE apples. They cant seem to get enough of them. Almost everytime I turn around one of them has gotten into the fridge and gotten an apple out. Braddoc usually only gets one for himself, (not sure he understands the concept of "sneaking one for his brother" yet) But whenever Landon gets one out he makes sure he gets one for both of them, so good a sharing when he does not really have to share. :O)
They crake me up everyday at the things they know how to do. These first two pictures are the aftermath of me going to answer the door, bring in a box and come right back to the kitchen, they sure are fast little buggers.

This two are birds of a feather. They are so different and at the same time so much alike. They wear me out, but in a good way. Its hard to keep up with them sometimes and they never fail to make me laugh or feel very loved.

This cracked me up. The pantry is OFF limits, besides the fact that they can sneak food out and its filled with food storage items that are NOT edible, they like to play in here and make a mess, so it has been deamed off limits. Does not stop them from sneaking in and so this is what I found the other day walking through the kitchen. Sorry buddy thats not an apple its a potatoe and while very yummy cooked, does not taste so good raw, :O) which he quickly figured out~~

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

When the moon comes out and the tombstones quake and screaming ghost materialize and begin to vocalize.....

......its time for Halloween!
(song from Landons favorite halloween movie)

Landon was all ready for Halloween from the first second he heard about it in September. He kept asking when it was going to be Halloween day... he loves dressing up and loves ghosts. With the trip to alaska in the middle of the month we had to move all our festivities to the last 2 weeks of the month so its been a crazy 2 weeks full of Halloween. Landon told us he wanted to be batman but kept going back to a pumpkin, who knows why. Then when we finally painted and carved our pumpkin he was fine in the pumpkin area and was wanting to be batman again.

Landons photo skills, I look a bit eerie, I suppose befitting of halloween.
Noah does not like getting his hands dirty so I have no idea why he likes digging the guts out of the pumpkins so much. :O)Eating our own eyeballs....yummy says landon.

Batman decided the mask was too much and that he would reveal his true Identity. :O) And Po the Kung Fu Panda was just too busy doing what he does best....eating!
He wanted to go go go and got a bit mad when there was a line and we had to wait a minute.

Landon and his Friend Mason showing each other their score!!! They had so much fun and were so independent.

Us at a friends halloween party. Noah and I went as Danny and Sandy from Grease and Braddoc was Kung Fu Panda
Batman was too fast to get a good picture and sometimes even appeared in a tiara...strange happenings this halloween.

The whole costume. A couple of people were telling me how brave I was to wear those pants. It was fun to make the costume and fun to wear it. I did wear a leather jacket to the trunk or treat though.

Cutest baby Kung Fu Panda ever.

Me and my man!!! :O) We had a lot of fun! I am so glad we got to go, it was fun making the costumes and fun wearing them. I love Halloween, we have dressed up every year and every year people tell us we have awesome costumes, its fun to come up with the idea and make it a reality. Everyone at the trunk or treat kept telling me how much they loved the costume and how I did such a good job and how it was their favorite movie, or favorite part in the movie. It was funny hearing what some people had to say and how many people from our ward did not know it was me at first. It was just fun to dress up and be "someone else" for a night.

I love halloween and I will miss it till next year but I am so ready for Turkey and Ham, I mean thanksgiving and for Christmas. It however just hit me last night I need to really start christmas shopping.........


While our trip to Alaska was not for the funnest reason it was actually a really nice trip. It was nice to go home and be with Noahs family and all our time of need. I saw them in August but Noah had not seen them in almost 2 years so it was nice for him to get to spend time with his family. For Kurts Memorial service we went to a ball field which was were Kurt spent made some of his foundest memories. We all wore sweaters of Kurts because that was his thing. (Keyn noahs younger brother wore pants, suit and tie of kurts, from his younger thinner days. :O) )

Left to right: Top Row. Me, Noah, Braddoc, Michelle (mom), Keyn (brother) bottom. Emma (older sister), Landon, Kala (younger sister)
Emma and Braddoc (she is a wonderful aunt) I cant wait till she gets married and has kids of her own, she is going to be a great mom.

Keyn, me, Noah and Bobby Menace one of Kurts friends from PRESCHOOL. Its insane how many friends Kurt had who really cared about him and who stayed friends for so long. Bob was a great help to all of us while we were there, helping to take care of things and being a father figure to Keyn.

Landon and Noahs Uncle Lee (really Godfather, but we all call him Uncle Lee). He is Michelle and Kurts very best friend and a wonderful guy.

Emma, Lee, Me and Noah. See our "lovely" huge sweatshirts.

Noah and a good friend from high school Jonathon (or JR). We have not seen him in over 5 years and when he heard about the memorial he came and it was a nice reunion, Kurt would have loved it.

Us with the Armstrongs. It was really nice to be able to see them and to have their friendship and support at the memorial.

My sister in law, mother in law and father in laws birthdays were all within a week of each other so we went out to celebrate all of them. (thanks for the ears noah)

Cool guys! So they think! :O)

Michelle and Emma.

Emma and the boys