Friday, October 16, 2009

In memory of Kurt Jenkins

My father in law Kurt passed away last Tuesday Oct. 6, 2009. We got the phone call early Wednesday morning and spent the day trying to figure out how to get to Alaska to be with our family. The military came through for us big time and paid for our tickets to come up here and gave Noah his leave, it was wonderful! We have been here for a week and are working on helping out everyone get everything ready for the memorial tommorow. Kurt was a stubborn guy and he and I butted heads on more than one occassion but we always made up and agreed to disagree on more then one occassion. He would always grab my head and give me big kisses on the top of my head, while squeezing my shoulder (he was about a foot taller then me) and then patting me on the back and called me "baby girl". He was a good man with a big heart, everyone loved him and everyone he met was an instant friend, no strangers for Kurt. He was a good father, the best he knew how to be and truly loved his family. He will greatly be missed. Noahs family agreed that we could do the work for him so hopefully this time next year his work will be done. :O)

Here is Kurt Obituary that ran in the paper Thursday October 15th.

Anchorage resident Kurt Jenkins, 54, died Oct. 6, 2009, at Prudhoe Bay.A celebration of Kurt's life will be at 4 p.m. Saturday at Jade Ball Fields, West Dimond Boulevard past Jewel Lake Road. Everyone is welcome. He was born Oct. 9, 1954, in Long Beach, Calif.Kurt Jenkins knew who he was. He spent little time on self-exploration. He didn't need to. Early on, when he was growing up in California, it was clear he was a born athlete. Blessed with well-above-average intelligence and tons of God-given talent, he spent his youth pursuing his dream of being a Major League pitcher. He almost made it, being picked up by the Milwaukee Brewers organization his senior year in college. After sustaining a destroyed rotator cuff, he moved to the oil fields of Alaska, passionately embracing the Last Frontier. Later, utilizing his education in TV, radio and film, he went to work at KIMO Channel 13 and then on to owning his own advertising agency, which he loved and through which he made many lifelong friends. Kurt never met a stranger. What you saw was what you got. He was a man of many words, honest and honorable.His favorite role in life was being "Dad," and he was good at it. Kurt could always be counted on to coach and chauffeur not only his children but also their friends. He was a wonderful member of the community.Kurt's wife will always remember how much she was loved and will miss sparring with him, watching for that sheepish grin.If you met him, you would never forget him. His family wishes him Godspeed and looks forward to seeing him in heaven.He is survived by his daughters, Emma and Kala; sons, Keyn and Noah; daughter-in-law, Aurie; grandsons, Landon and Braddoc; his wife, Michelle; his mother, Ardis; and his brother, Clay.In lieu of flowers or gifts, donations for his children may be made at Alaska USA Federal Credit Union, reference Kurt Jenkins' Memorial Fund. Arrangements are by Alaskan Heritage Memorial Chapel-Anchorage.

Slackers catch-up or rather a busy moms catch up

We went to Disneyland when Noah got home from Iraq

We were able to stop and see the San Diego Temple on the Disney trip.

Disneyland with my sweetheart, we missed him so much

Noah got home and we were all in Heaven.
Braddoc reached for him and said "Dada" over and over again, it was perfect, we were so worried that he would not remember Noah but he was in heaven, he had his daddy back.

We went to Alaska to visit Noahs family while he was gone.
Mimi and Braddoc

Papa with Landon at a Anchorage Bucks, minor league team.

Landons 3rd Mickey mouse clubhouse Birthday cake.

braddoc and kirsten

Braddoc got a big boo boo on his head a few days before his birthday so he had a big bruise for his 1st birthday pictures.

Landon and Ila

Landon had his 3rd birthday in Alaska and Mimi gave him a scooby doo birthday party.

Mimis mom "Bama" at lunch.

Braddoc had his 1st birthday in Alaska.
Seasame Street!!!

Braddoc's "Ant" it great to 1 cake.

 Landon's 3rd birthday cake.
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
I loved it!
It was so much fun to make.

Braddocs Ant hill 1st birthday cake.

While Noah was gone I went to alaska to visit my in-laws for a month and a half. Noah got home a week after I got home, week after Noah got home we spent a week at Disneyland and Seaworld, a week trying to back to life, and then a week of Noah going back to work while I tried to get the house in order for the mass amount of busyness that had taken up the last few months. I start my own jewelry business selling lia sophia jewelry. And then Last week we got a very sad phone call telling us that Noahs father had passed away unexpectedly and we flew up to Alaska (the military paid for the whole thing, THANK YOU for that wonderful thing) and we are here now trying to get everything taken care of for the family. Landon turned 3 July 31st, Braddoc turned 1 on August 8th, I turn 25 on August 18th and Noah turned 23 on Sept. 24th. So here are some update pictures of our whirlwind last fews months.

Also Braddoc finally started crawling the week after Noah got back from Iraq. We joked that he was waiting for daddy to get home, and I guess he really was. He also started pulling himself up this past week to a standing possession. Made my heart melt when I went in to get him out of his room and he was standing in bed, my baby is finally growing up. :o)