Sunday, July 05, 2009

I LOVE Landons nursery!!!

(Landon refusing to let me take a picture of how cute he looked in his church clothes, and saying that he had to wear the hat to church)
I asked Landon what he learned about today, like I do every week and usually I have to do some probbing and hinting about what I know he learned to get him to tell me what he learned, but the last few weeks have been a different story, he can tell me what he learned and is excited about it, and today when I asked him he said "About the prophet." "What about the prophet?" And my beautiful sweet little angel breaks out into song and starts singing "Follow the prophet!" It just melted my heart, I have been working with him on songs, but we have not really worked on that one yet, so I know thats all his teachers doing!!! It was just perfect. The spirits of these little ones just makes my heart rejoyce. Someone once told me that nursery is just babysitting and I told them that they were very wrong about that. Nursery is so much more, and these kids are at that age where they soak up every thing like a sponge, even if you dont even think they are paying attention. I am so greatful for this gospel and am thankful for the fact that my child has wonderful teachers who are committed to their calling and take it seriously. I am greatful that they know how important it is. To me nursery is one of the most important callings, the kids learn so much and these teachers have a sacared responisibility (just like us as parents) to nurish these children and teach them the gospel. So thank you to all who do magnify their callings, Landons singing this afternoon is very living, spiritual proof that you do make a difference and what you are doing is VERY important in the eyes of the lord (and in the eyes of me as the mom. :O) )

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Amy said...

Such a big boy! Very handsome too.