Monday, July 06, 2009

My 10 and 11th month old baby

(yes he will eat all of that, and he did and then hollared for more)

So I admit I have been on a blogged slump!!! Just super busy and dont really have the "energy" to post so I missed Braddocs 10 month shout out and now since he is almost 11 months I figure I should get caught up so here we go!!

Reasons we love Braddoc:

He is my little chipmunk! He is so funny, he stores/ hoards food in his cheeks. Saving up for winter? Its not like I dont feed him, he would eat all day if I let him. Any time I feed him anything he will store a bunch in his cheeks and an hour or 2 later I see him moving something around in his mouth so I go to check on him and make sure its nothing crazy (see last post) and most of the time its just left over food from his last meal that he is moving around from one cheek to the other example: potatoes, bananas, crackers, apples, cereal, grapes, meat.... basically what ever he is eating. Such a goof!!!

He loves bananas, apples, and pickles. Basically anything big he can hold and eat by himself with his big brother. He wants to be one of the big kids so bad and he loves to sit with Landon and do what ever Landon is doing. They will sit on the couch and both watch a movie or read books together while eating apples. He eats the whole apple core and all, Landon did the same thing and I think its so funny!

We found out that he has really bad ear wax build up and its been making it hard for him to hear, they got him cleaned out and so he can finally hear and I can tell the difference its just astounding. For the longest time he would say a word once but then never say it again, stuff like UH OH and Mama! and Opps! but then I would never hear it again, (still have not) so he has resorted to grunting at me. He is really trying to communicate but when he gets made at Landon for something or he sees someone with food, he starts grunting, I should record it and play it because its like a cross between a grunt and a squeal.

He eats like there is no tommorow and if you have food and he does not he will yell at you until he has some too. His little arms and feet start spinning and his toes start wiggling and he lets you know that he wants some food too.

He is still not crawling and is going to start physical therapy for it in about 2 weeks but he has his own little ways of getting around. When sitting he will put on leg straight out and pull one leg in and then kick it out really fast sort of like a propeller and he spins himself in circles, its really funny to watch, he is so fast at it too, he will be facing one direction and the next second he has done a 180 and is facing the other direction. He rolls from his back to his stomach or his side almost immediately after being put on his back and then he sort of swims on the ground and moves backwards he hollars at me when he gets stuck because he cant go forward and he can on swim backwards. But hey at least he is moving.

He loves the water he is like a little fish. When we go to the pool I put him in his little swim floaty and he just takes off, he gets his little legs going and just shoots across the pool. He also will just lounge and fall asleep hunched forward with his face smooshed into the floaty. He just loves the water and is so at home in it. He loves to splash and kick and just float around by himself. He is so big and grown up in the water, Landon has to hold me and Braddoc is like "see yah" and just takes off.
He loves to dance. Any time he hears anything that has some kind of beat he will start boping up and down and just jammin. Landon and be hammering something on the wall with his little hammers and he will just start bopping along. Its just precious.

He is finally starting to play with Landon. He will wrestle with him and just laugh. He will just chill with him on the floor. Landon has a jump rope that he gives one end of to Braddoc and he holds the other and they swing it around like some one is jumping. If Landon is making music and dancing Braddoc will start dancing banging toys together and hollaring right along with him.

He is my squealer. I call him squeeker maleker. (Landon called him that one day and it stuck) because he just squeals and squeeks all the time, sometimes its overwhelming and think glass is about to break, but most the times its really cute.

Braddocs nicknames are: B, BB or Beb's (baby braddoc and baby brother shortened, being an air traffic control family we like our acronyms. :O) ) and Stinky Poots (also one from Landon, because when Braddoc poots the whole house smells, according to Landon and he is right!)

When he is in his bed he loves to pull up the bumper and look out, he will reach out to get it almost immediately after being put into the bed to look out at everything you are doing before you leave his room, and as soon as the door opens for me to come get him he will put it up again to look out. If he does not I know its because he is stuck up in the corner with his head under the bummer..... its so crazy to me because Landon never even toucher the bummer and Braddoc is constantly getting himself stuck under it. If I hear him crying or yelling in bed its only EVER because he has gottten some limb stuck in the bars (or multiple, that one was fun) or because he is stuck under the bummer and I dont want to take it off because Im afraid even more limbs will get stuck then there already have been.

And of course he still adores his big brother and they love to play and wrestle all the time.

He has started reaching for me when I come over to him he will put out his arms and grrrr at me like a little tiny tiger. Its so cute and I cant help but want to pick him up and hold him.

Mostly we just love him because he's him and he is perfect!!!!

Sunday, July 05, 2009

I LOVE Landons nursery!!!

(Landon refusing to let me take a picture of how cute he looked in his church clothes, and saying that he had to wear the hat to church)
I asked Landon what he learned about today, like I do every week and usually I have to do some probbing and hinting about what I know he learned to get him to tell me what he learned, but the last few weeks have been a different story, he can tell me what he learned and is excited about it, and today when I asked him he said "About the prophet." "What about the prophet?" And my beautiful sweet little angel breaks out into song and starts singing "Follow the prophet!" It just melted my heart, I have been working with him on songs, but we have not really worked on that one yet, so I know thats all his teachers doing!!! It was just perfect. The spirits of these little ones just makes my heart rejoyce. Someone once told me that nursery is just babysitting and I told them that they were very wrong about that. Nursery is so much more, and these kids are at that age where they soak up every thing like a sponge, even if you dont even think they are paying attention. I am so greatful for this gospel and am thankful for the fact that my child has wonderful teachers who are committed to their calling and take it seriously. I am greatful that they know how important it is. To me nursery is one of the most important callings, the kids learn so much and these teachers have a sacared responisibility (just like us as parents) to nurish these children and teach them the gospel. So thank you to all who do magnify their callings, Landons singing this afternoon is very living, spiritual proof that you do make a difference and what you are doing is VERY important in the eyes of the lord (and in the eyes of me as the mom. :O) )