Saturday, June 06, 2009

Where does he come up with these things?

I was taking Landon to bed and he wanted me to carry him, Since I had the kidney problems I have not been able to carry him without it really hurting, so I told him we would have to walk this time, (usually he is okay with it sometimes he wimpers but holds my hand and walked with me anyway). However tonight was a first, he said "I cant walk mom, my diapers on and I cant walk" (he is fully potty trained except at night, so he wears a diaper) I look down at him and he is limping ,dragging one of his feet, "Its hurting, makes me not walk mom." Such a goof, he is now playing games to get me to carry him. Silly boy!

Then if that was not enough to give me a good laugh for the night, we are saying our prayers and I tell him, "Close your eyes!" and he looks at me and very seriously says, "I cant I have to look at all my stuff." and points to his walls. He cracks me up!!! Always always always a good laugh with Landon. I love that kid so much he makes me smile and laugh and being a mom to him and Braddoc is such a rewarding thing. I am so glad that I have been blessed with such wonderful kids. And I am very greatful that I stay at home with them and be with them every day.

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Kirsti said...

I am also grateful to be at home with my kids. Such a great blessing. It would be hard to miss all of their silly moments, eh?