Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Treasures? From a little scavanger

Braddoc is my little scavanger. He eats like crazy and always seems to find EVERYTHING on the floor that you dont want him to find. Sometimes he will find something right after I vaccumed. He is always finding little things to put in his mouth. Im sure its alot easier to find things when he has a big brother who leaves things everywhere.

I was thinking about it the other day when I was vaccuming. I never had to watch out for Landon to make sure he did not put things in his mouth. He would just play and if he went toward something he was not supposed to have all I had to do was tell him no and he would move away from it. Is Braddoc so different? And then it dawned on me, Braddoc has Landon.... and Landon had no one to leave little treasures laying around. I suppose having Landon makes it lots easier to find little things to put into his mouth. :O)
Here are just two examples. I went to feed Braddoc the other day and he kept trying to latch on but pulling away and running his tongue all over in his mouth. He hoards food in his cheeks so I thought it might be that and I stuck my finger in there to get the food out. Nothing in there!!! He does it again so I try again and this time my finger hits something on the roof of his mouth. I pull and pull and pull and finally this comes out........
...... a band aid!!!??? Lucky it was not used, Landon likes to get into them and play with them and calls them stickers. So some how my poor baby got ahold of a "sticker" and a"ate" it.
I was changing Braddocs diaper the other day and found this little treasure... (dont worry I did not touch it with my fingers and I washed it) First time this has ever happened with either of my kids.

I always hear stories about finding stuff in the diapers but it had never happened to me until I found the paper clip. Now I really dont know where he got that since I dont have any in the house.... hmmmm probably church!!! What a silly boy!!


Amanda XOX said...

I found a nail in Mikey's diaper when he was little. Still clueless about how it got in there and didn't do damage!

Super cute pics Aurie =o)

Laura said...

I haven't ever had things come out of my kids' diapers! My cousin found a marble in her brother's diaper one time though.

I like all the pics and stories about your boys - they're so smart and cute!

Amy said...

Our's mainly stick to cardboard and paper that I can tell after the fact. :) I vacuum multiple times a day because Blake leaves anything and everything around. Makes a difference with an older sibling. More treasures to find!

Kirsti said...

I am always amazed at how babies are drawn to the smallest scrap on the floor. It's crazy!