Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tis my life now!

It seems I live my life playing catch up. And I tell myself when Noah gets home that I will be able to get caught up, but Im not really sure whether or not that will happen either. :O) Oh well! So here it is, sorry there is so much!!

One upon a time: This is what Landon says anytime he opens a book, a magazine, a pamphlet, a coloring book, anything paper. He reads a story and always starts with "One upon a time....." Its so fun to watch him. He then looks at the pictures and tells a pretty good story. He has a good bit of his books memorized, maybe I should read with him some more so he really knows them.

Tip Toe: He came home from church one day telling me to TIP TOE, everywhere I went. I told him baby was sleeping and so he had to be quiet and so he told me, "Oh I just walk like this" (tip toeing across the room) "I be very quiet and tip toe, okay mom? okay?" I laughed and said where did you learn that. He told me he learned it in nursery and thats how we walk to be quiet and reverent. Too precious. He does it all the time now when we need to be quiet.

He has been waking up to nightmares almost every night now. He has had a good week this last week, but for awhile I was getting up almost 10-15 times a night literally every 20-30 minutes. Talk about no sleep! And it was all because of these nightmares! We have been saying prayers every night to ask that the ghosts wont get him and that the angels will watch over it, it really seems to be helping. First time it was a nightmare about our neighbors dog Moose. He is a weimeriner (sp?) and really is one of the most well trained sweetest dogs you will ever meet. When Landon was a baby he would curl up and lay around Landon and give him kisses and Landon loved it, now for some reason he wont get near him and if we go to there house he cries. Im not sure why.... anyway he woke up screaming so loud that he woke up Braddoc, "Moose get me, dont get me, moose dont get me." I ran in there and he was in the corner of his bed shaking so I picked him up and held him and he just cried into my shoulder for a good 5 minutes and then told me he needed to lay with me. I brought him to my bed and layed him down and anytime there was a noise, the house creaking, the train, a dog outside, my cousin coughing, he could pull himself into a tight ball and start rocking and crying that moose was going to get him again. So I layed with him just holding him for about 3 hours both of us wide awake. Every night almost since then has been ghosts, red, blue, green, pink, yellow ghosts, any color he can see ghosts and they are all going to get him and are scary and yell at him, so I have to clean them out of his room. It scares me abit because I know spirits are wandering around and I wonder if he is really seeing some of them. Poor baby!

Glasses: On a happier note, I really needed to get my eyes checked again, even with my glasses I was still squinting to see the tv. So Landon kept telling me that his eyes were hurting and that he needed glasses too. :O) So we bought him some sun glasses and he wears them all over now, I can hardly get him to take them off. If he is looking at something he tells me, oh I need my glasses. And he will squint at whatever it is till he puts on his glasses. So silly!!!

It be fun: Everything is IT Be FUN!!! He wants to go downstairs, upstairs, take a bath, go outside, eat snack, play cars, go in the car....EVERYTHING and ANYTHING is "It be fun, okay mom, lets do it, it be fun really!!!" and then he gets excited and giddy and puts his hands up by his face and shakes them.

We were at the store the other day and he saw some princess shoes, the following conversation in sued:

L: Mommy I want these. There beautiful.
Me: Honey those are princess shoes, they are for little girls.
L: I a little girl.
Me: (trying not to laugh) Honey you are not a little girl, you are a little boy. Boys are princes and girls are princesses and you are a prince.
L: I not a prince, I not a boy, I a girl. I a princesses like Stinkino (Pinnochio)
Me: Pinnochio is a boy, he is a prince.
L: He not, I not! I NOT A BOY I A GIRL! (he is getting mad now, and really throwing a fit and everyone who walks by is trying so hard not to laugh)
Me: Honey you are a boy, boys have cool toys too, lets go look at some of the boys toys.
L: I want these for girls, like me.
Me: Honey you are not a girl. (we have been working on whose a boy and whose a girl, and privates) Sweetheart, you have a winkie right?
L:Yes i have a winkie, boys have winkies
Me:Thats right boys have winkies and you have a winkie so your a boy right.
L: (he looks at me for a minute thinking really hard, stops crying and says) You right, I have a winkie, Braddoc and Daddy have winkies, they are boys. You dont have a winkie you a girl, Here mommy these for you. (hands me the shoes and walks away)

We still have this conversation quit often but I think it is finally settling in. :O) I dont mind him playing with princess toys when he is at friends houses, I would not mind if he had a sister and wore here princess stuff.... I am just not going to buy it for him. :O) He loves to wear my jewelry and my high heels, and thats great, but Im not going to go and buy him some of his own. :O)

We went outside to say goodbye to some of our friends the other day and landon came out on one of his riding toys. He went to the top of the driveway and pushed off. I look at him just in time to yell "Look out" I ran dove as best I could but I was too far away to stop what was about to happen. Our friend had his car door open and Landon was heading full speed down the driveway right towards it. It was one of those moments where in a split second a million things run through your mind. Like: He is going to broke his nose, knock out all his teeth, be bleeding everywhere, probably break most the bones in his face, get knocked out, how am I going to get him to the hospital, how am I going to help him and take care of him, but at the same time there was not enough time to stop any of it. My friend saw him coming right as it was too late to shut the car door and in literally a millisecond before he smacked his face right on he car door he turned his head and leaned to the side and zoomed right under the part of the door that curves up to meet the tires.....oh my gosh, I about had a heart attack. I still can picture it over and over in my head and I have no idea how it did not turn into a huge accident. Even watching it I dont know how he managed to turned his head that fast and not get hurt. One of those "scariest mom moments" ever.

He fell outside about 3 weeks ago and keeps telling me he needs a sticker (band aid) on his leg. Its is not part of the bedtime routine to get a band aid. Little did I realize though (bad mom) that the band aids are latex (Even after knowing he had that allergy for a yr I am still finding new things that he cant touch) anyway anywhere he has had a band aid has now broken out in a huge rash and he thinks that he need a band aid there for the rash, he blows through his mouth, sighs and says "Shooo Im really hurting I need a sticker." And I am trying to explain to him that the "sticker" is what is causing the rash. Thankfully I finally found a band aid brand that is latex free!!! YEAH!

I was taking a shower the other day and Landon comes in to the bathroom and tells me "Mommy I need the little brown chocolates" What little brown chocolates I ask "The little brown ones in the bathroom downstairs." WHAT!!!! (what little brown chocolates are in the bathroom downstairs) so I tell him Dont touch any of those until mommy getse out and you can show me. He seems to like that and leaves, only to return a few minutes later with a bowl full of chocolate chips. "these little brown chocolates in the bathroom." Okay showers over! I get dressed and run downstairs sure enough the chocolate chip container that WAS on the third shelf in the pantry in now on the counter in the bathroom. Lucky they were not all over the floor, but it appeared to be that he was eating them while going #2, needless to say that whole thing went into the garbage. YUCK!!! I was still wondering how he managed to get those down from up so high so I go into the pantry and find all the pillows from the couch stacked up to make a tower....Awww kids!

Landon has big stuffed ninja turtles that he carries around and calls his big brother. He thinks he is a ninja turtle too and fights all over the house like them, getting the bad guys. He also says the ninja turtle movies are his favorite movies.

I was tickling him at bed time the other night and through his laughing he manages to get out "THATS NOT FUN" Hahahaha poor guy takes after his mommy, I hate tickling, its like torture. I am laughing but on the inside really crying and miserable. So I guess thats Landon too! However he asks me to tickle him all the time....hmmmm maybe he is more like his daddy who HATES to be tickled under his arms and thinks thats pure torture. At any rate all of my boys(men) are VERY ticklish.

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Amy said...

What a fun kid! Between the "girl" fight and the chocolates in the bathroom this had me laughing the entire time.