Sunday, May 31, 2009

what else would it be besides.........

More Landon sayings!

So I realize I have been posting lots of Landons crazy stunts and sayings but he is just at that age where its all so cute and I want to remember it in case you are not to over loaded with landon stuff..........

Landon came into the kitchen today with a blanket pulled over his head like a shawl and then wrapped around his body and said "Look mommy I like Jesus, he loves me and I love him. You give me hugs like Jesus."

I walked into the bathroom the other day after getting Braddoc out and putting him to bed and Landon was still in the tub playing. Totally one of those picture perfect moments that you know wont last long enough for you to get the camera. But he was sitting there with a wash rag drapped over the side of his head with one eye covered and said "Arrr mom look, I a pirate." (where he picked up that pirates says Arrrr I have no idea)

Tonight he layed in bed talking for quit sometimes, sometimes I could here he carring on conversations with who knows what and other times he would yell out stuff. Once I heard him yell "Niey Night Landon," followed by some jibberish and then "OHHH you drive me crazy mom." Hahaha that kid makes me laugh!

Obviously I say these things to him way too much:
He has been saying to me when he gets excited about something or he is mad at me about something (two totally opposite ends of the spectrum) "You drive me crazy" Today I told him we were going to get ready for church first he told me "I want Tara not mommy to take me" (she is one who has been taking him while Ive been in recovery) and I told him "Mommy is feeling a bit better so she is going to go today and so is Braddoc." "YES!!! oh beautiful mom, you drive me crazy." (with a huge grin on his face)

When I tell him he cant do something or have something, like a snack 10 minutes before dinner he will look at me stop walk away and say "Arr Im sick and tired" sometimes he will add in the "this" part like me. Obviously I tell him "I am sick and tired of you acting like this" way too often.

Tonight before bed he had to give all of his cars a goodnight kiss and then told them, "I love you, its okay I have to go to bed now, but I kiss you all, and have sweet dreams" When I leave his room everynight I tell him I love you and he tells me "I love you too, have sweet dreams."

We just sit and talk alot and one time I decided to tell him a story about a Prince and a Dragon and another about an elephant. Now he asks me all the time too tell him about "Prince and dragon and elephant" When I get to the part where they fight he fills it all in and tells me weither he used a sword, or punched him, or did magic (makes and shooo shooo sound while pointing his finger) or wheither he was mean or not. Its pretty cute to watch him finish the story.

I had to meet with the Bishop today (primary stuff) and while we were in there Landon was jumping off of chairs (I kept asking him to stop but it was hard for me to listen too so I just let him) then on about the 4th time he tripped a little and fell he looked at me and said "Mom, that guy pushed me." The Bishop and I both started laughing. "Who pushed you honey" "that guy on the chair, he pushed me like this (showed me how he was "pushed") and then I went like this (showed me how he fell) you tell him thats not nice, its mean." so I told "him" and then Landon looked at the chair and said "Thats not nice, we dont push, especially not in church nursery."
Where does he come up with this stuff?

Awww the joys of boys!! this one cracks me up. I have some silly picture posts but tonight is not the night for that.... more to come!!! :O) Im sure you are all holding you breath in anticipation.


Amy said...

Too funny. The one in the Bishop's office cracked me up! At first I thought he was blaming the Bishop! I bet the Bishop laughed hard over your entertaining boy.

Angelina said...

That is hilarious! I love the one about the Bishop. I think maybe Landon learned the pirate thing from Mason-he loves pirates!