Tuesday, May 12, 2009


As many of you know from a few posts ago I have been battleing kidney stones. I discovered recently that I had one too big to pass and was rushed to the emergency room a little over a week ago. I also found out I have something called Sponge Kidney disease, but Ill tell you more about that later. I had to wait a few days before they could do surgery and so last friday I had surgery done. The surgery had some ups and downs and took several hours longer then expected. The stone was also much larger then they taught and they are pretty sure its been the same big stone that has been causing me problems since October and all the smaller ones I have been passing have just been pieces from it. Anyway 5 hours after returning home I was rushed to the emergency room again. Long story short I wound up staying there till Sunday night and have been home since, however I have had someone with me and the boys night and day. I can hardly move to take care of myself let alone the boys. I am so greatful for all the wonderful ladies in my ward (who are also friends) who have stepped up and just taken over my house and fixed us meals, brought flowers and goodies, taken care of my kids, stayed the night with me, put my kids to bed, helped me to the bathroom and up and down from bed. They have all been angels and I dont know how I would be doing it without them. Words can not express how much they all mean to me. It makes me sick to my stomach too look at the computer for too long, or to really think so I just wanted to update everyone and I will give more info when I am feeling better. Thank you to all of you who have helped me so far, you really are amazing women and I am so blessed to have you in my life, you have all demonstrated true christ like love and have taught me and given me so much. Thank you thank you thank you! I really would be lost without you.


Katie L said...

Wow, and I thought it was bad when you toldme about it last week. I'm so sorry you are so sore and unable to take care of your family. I really wish there is something I could do from long distance! I hope everything will get better and you will recover quickly, without any additional complications. Your family is in my prayers!!

And thank goodness for sweet sisters in wards, they are always such wonderful helpers and so selfless in their service efforts!!

Take care and rest!

Amy said...

I just feel so bad for you. I'm so thankful for all the nice friends you've made there that are helping you. I'll be praying you recover soon.

Laura said...

What a crazy thing! I cannot believe that you were dealing with kidney stones. I hope that things recover quickly and that you feel so much better very soon! It's hard to be so sick that you cannot take care of your kids - but it sounds like there are many, many wonderful women to help you out. I wish I were there so that I could help as well. Good luck and let me know if there IS anything I can do from here.
Get your rest and recover quickly; you're in my prayers.

Kirsten and Jon said...

Hope you get feeling better soon. I'm so greatful for the NM ward!