Friday, May 01, 2009

Mamma Mia! 10

So I just watched the movie/musical "Mamma Mia!" To tell you the truth I was not really looking forward to it, I did not really know anything about it besides it was the theatrical adaption of the musical. I netflixed it about a month ago, (mostly because Pierce Brosnan was in it) and its just been sitting on my entertainment center since then. So today durning nap time I was just pooped from all I had been doing and decided to just sit down and watch it and I was pleasently surprise. I could not contain my smile through the whole thing. It was very cute. I probably mostly like it because it had three of my all time favorite things (well beside the obvious like our family, health, job, church) anyway 1) Pierce Brosnan (and that would be enough, okay there is my MAJOR celebrity crush, and yes Noah knows!) 2) Music/dancing 3) Greece!!! Ahhh all those add up to a good movie!!!

So since I listed those things I was thinking about something a friend had on her blog,

THE 10 THINGS I WANT TO DO BEFORE I DIE!!! so here is my list in no particular order

1)See Greece in person

2) be in a real play/musical (not just high school or church stuff)

3) Visit Germany and see all the WWII stuff

4) Visit NY during christmas and new years

5) swim with sharks (this will probably be how I die) :O)

6) watch my kids get married in the temple to wonderful companions

7) Take professional cooking classes (Noah and I always talk about opening a resturant one day and him running it while I cook)

8) Learn true christ like love

9) see the Titanic up close (I have to of course get over my clastaphobia)

10) Serve a mission with my husband (hopefully somewhere forgien, so I can learn a new language too)


Robyn said...

You do know that Pierce is in his 50's right. Old enough to be your dad.

We are doing well. We miss all of our friends though. Hope you are hang in there too!

The Jenkins Family said...

hehehe yes I know how old he is!!! for some reason I like the older ones, him and tom selleck! I dont know why and here I am marriad to a younger man!!! :O)

Katie L said...

I love that movie! I will play it at least once a week, usually while I'm doing chores, so I can sing to all the ABBA songs. This weekend I'm even having a Momma Mia Manicure/spa Girl's night. That is how much I love that movie-hahaha!