Sunday, May 24, 2009

Just of bunch of silly kids

Random pictures from before I got sick!!! I have been "lazy" since then in taking pics so Ill post the ones I do have later!
Landon Painting his bird house he had so much fun! WOW!! Thats some crazy hair!
Just my cutest little baby!!!!

He makes this face all the time!

Such a happy boy! he is such a good baby always smiling and laughing and being a goof. He turned 9 months a few weeks ago and just is growing so fast. He loves to eat and eats so fast, I cant get the food on his tray fast enough, I literally spend dinner time putting food on his plate, as soon as its there he eats it and I have to put more before I can even take a bite.
He laughs about everything still and just makes such silly faces. He has been so good for me this whole time, making it easy to be sick and not have to worry about him.
He has been refusing to take naps, and by refusing I dont mean he cried the whole time, I mean he lays up there talking and laughing and squealing and saying dada over and over just being a goof. He does sleep through the night so I cant complain.
He still is not 15 pounds he is only 14 pnds 12 oz. such a skinny little thing. He is about 30 inches as well. Growing in length and not much in weight. They think he has an over active thyrode so we are going to check that next week when I go in for my appointment, hopefully we will both find out something.

Got to love that cute little butt! What a pinchable little thing!


Kirsten and Jon said...

Oh I miss you guys :( I'm glad your getting a little better. Hopefully you'll be back to normal energy levels soon.

Amy said...

Oh my I can't get over how skinny he is! My boys are both opposite that so it looks so weird to me. Of course cellulite on baby thighs my look funny to you! His faces and personality are just great! Love it!

Laura said...

Such a cute boy! I love the face he makes all the time!