Friday, May 01, 2009

Just a few random thoughts from my mind today....its a scarey place to be!!

My split personality child!
Landons new thing: When he likes something or wants to do something he says "Oh Beautiful, I like that, me too!" or "I want to go on a walk, lets do it, me too!" or "Im tired, i want to take a nap, okay, me too!" Who knew a two and a half year old could have a split personality.

A weird quirky habit of mine:
I was eating M&Ms after dinner, well sneaking them so Landon would not see. (I know Im bad but my husbands gone and I can FINALLY eat chocolate, well sort of) anyway I realized that I eat my colored candy that comes out of a bag really weird. Now by colored candy I mean stuff like M&Ms, skittles, jelly beans, shock tarts, sweet tarts, you know stuff like that. Anyway I get them in my hand and in my mind I sort them out be color and narrow down into even groups. So say there are: 1 red, 2 blue, 3 green, 3 purple, 4 orange and 5 yellow I will eat them like this.... one yellow so there is:1,2,3,3,4,4 and then one orange and one yellow so there is : 1,2,3,3,3,3 and then one green, one purple, one orange and one yellow so there is: 1,2,2,2,2,2 and then: one blue, one red, one green, one purple, one orange, and one yellow so there is just one of everything left and then I eat all those. Totally weird right!!?? But I have to do it everytime, I cant remember the last time I did not eat them that way, and its not even something I think about its just something that I do, yeah Im weird!! Also if its the chocolate I have to pop off the outer chocolate shell first. :O)

When I tuck Landon into bed and leave the room I tell him "I Love you" he says "I love you too", and if I dont say "I love you too", back to him he just yells it until I say it again.

I cried today while watching a preview for Wolverine. Why you ask? Because I miss my husband. Anyone who has been to our house and "rented" one of our movies knows what big movie buffs we are. Thats our favorite thing to do on a date is go to the movie and then go and get ice cream afterwards and talk about the movie, stuff like "Could that really happen?" "What would you do if that happened to you." "Do you think the government really covers that kind of stuff up?" "Do you think stuff like that really goes on behind the scenes?" We love it because it gives us something more to talk about then our jobs, our house, our kids, our responsiblities, thats our pillow talk, so its nice to have something else to talk about. Not that I dont like to talk about that stuff, but when we are out on a date I want to just get away and be Aurie and Noah and not talk about our responsibilities, we talk about that enough at home. So anyway, I cried because Wolverine, Star Trek (im a closet star trek fan, oppps guess not anymore), Angles and Demons, and Harry Potter, are all coming out while Noah is in Iraq. All movies we have talked about forever, all movies we really want to see and would see if he was home( we love to go to the movie but are VERY selective of what we see. Its got to be full of action and adventure, something that is best seen on the big screen, like the movies I just talked about) and all movies that I am going to have to see without him. It made me cry, just thinking about all the little things I miss, and the little things I cherish, and often the things I take for granted. Like tonight sitting here watching a movie and being on here, its friday night I should be eating junk food and cuddling up with a movie and my husband, not a movie and a computer. :O( Ahhhh cant wait till he gets home.

Why does gum have to come in those little "boxes"? Didnt it work just fine in a wrapper? I mean come on $1.29 for a pack of gum, are you kidding me? Seriously what happened to good old $.60 packs of gum?


Kirsten and Jon said...

We will have to have a girls only movie night in July! I can only imagine what it is like for him to be gone. I'm sure I'll know soon enough, but my heart aches for you. One day at a time right!

Angelina said...

You're not crazy-I totally do the same thing with different colored candy.
I'm so sorry it's so hard having Noah gone, no one can take his place. Call me any time!!

Amy said...

Ok crazy lady and the M&M's!!! Almost as bad as me and eating the crunchy part of popcorn and putting the soft part in a cup that I save until the end and eat all by themselves!