Thursday, May 28, 2009

How old are you again?

So lately I have been asking myself that about Landon a TON! He says things to me that just crack me up, that I dont expect my 2 years and 9 month old to be saying. Here are just a few examples of some of the things he says:

A little over a month ago we were driving to Home Depot and Landon asking if we were getting on an airplane to go to Alaska to see, Mimi, Ila and Kirsten. I told him we were not going on an airplane until his birthday time. So he asked where we were going and this is the rest of the conversation that insued.

Me: We are going to Home Depot?
Landon: The Depot wheres that? mom whats that?
Me: Thats a place where we can buy stuff to fix our house. Pops calls it Disneyland.
Landon: Disneyland? We not going to disneyland.
Me: No your right, but Pops calls it Disneyland because its where grandpas like him can have fun like little boys like you have fun at disneyland.
Landon: (puts his finger on his cheek and thinks for a minute) Hmmmm. I understand now, (puts his finger in the air) I not understand for a minute, but now is it my head and I know.

3 more minutes. This is what Landon says any time you tell him its time to stop doing something, or its time to go, or its time to say goodbye. "3 more minutes" (with three fingers in the air) It used to be 1 minute and then he moved on to 2 and now its 3. He will even say it if I tell him its time to stop doing something he did not really even like doing in the first place, I think its his way of being in charge. :O)

Landon has started asking me all the time (starting about a month ago). "Mom watcha doing aday?" and he asks me that almost everytime he sees me. He cocks his head to the side and smiles and asks me that. Its just too sweet. He also likes to sit next to me and tells me "Talk a me mom, you and me we talk bout stuff." So we talk, and he smiles the whole time and sometimes gets shy and blushes and burries his head and laughs. He is just growing up so fast it amazes me! He is not my baby anymore (in a growing sense of the word.)


Angelina said...

That is the cutest! Two can be such a fun age. Mason says things like that a lot too, I don't know what people would do without kids!

Kirsten and Jon said...

He's all grown up! Hard to believe...they used to be so little.

Amy said...

IT's so crazy how grown our boys are already! Blake does the 2 min thing to me and his new thing is "you busy now" "you working mommy"
melts my heart how big they are!

Laura said...

Sooooo cute! Josh says, "Just a second" so get more time. I love the conversation about Home Depot; he sounds like a wonderful little boy!