Sunday, May 31, 2009

what else would it be besides.........

More Landon sayings!

So I realize I have been posting lots of Landons crazy stunts and sayings but he is just at that age where its all so cute and I want to remember it in case you are not to over loaded with landon stuff..........

Landon came into the kitchen today with a blanket pulled over his head like a shawl and then wrapped around his body and said "Look mommy I like Jesus, he loves me and I love him. You give me hugs like Jesus."

I walked into the bathroom the other day after getting Braddoc out and putting him to bed and Landon was still in the tub playing. Totally one of those picture perfect moments that you know wont last long enough for you to get the camera. But he was sitting there with a wash rag drapped over the side of his head with one eye covered and said "Arrr mom look, I a pirate." (where he picked up that pirates says Arrrr I have no idea)

Tonight he layed in bed talking for quit sometimes, sometimes I could here he carring on conversations with who knows what and other times he would yell out stuff. Once I heard him yell "Niey Night Landon," followed by some jibberish and then "OHHH you drive me crazy mom." Hahaha that kid makes me laugh!

Obviously I say these things to him way too much:
He has been saying to me when he gets excited about something or he is mad at me about something (two totally opposite ends of the spectrum) "You drive me crazy" Today I told him we were going to get ready for church first he told me "I want Tara not mommy to take me" (she is one who has been taking him while Ive been in recovery) and I told him "Mommy is feeling a bit better so she is going to go today and so is Braddoc." "YES!!! oh beautiful mom, you drive me crazy." (with a huge grin on his face)

When I tell him he cant do something or have something, like a snack 10 minutes before dinner he will look at me stop walk away and say "Arr Im sick and tired" sometimes he will add in the "this" part like me. Obviously I tell him "I am sick and tired of you acting like this" way too often.

Tonight before bed he had to give all of his cars a goodnight kiss and then told them, "I love you, its okay I have to go to bed now, but I kiss you all, and have sweet dreams" When I leave his room everynight I tell him I love you and he tells me "I love you too, have sweet dreams."

We just sit and talk alot and one time I decided to tell him a story about a Prince and a Dragon and another about an elephant. Now he asks me all the time too tell him about "Prince and dragon and elephant" When I get to the part where they fight he fills it all in and tells me weither he used a sword, or punched him, or did magic (makes and shooo shooo sound while pointing his finger) or wheither he was mean or not. Its pretty cute to watch him finish the story.

I had to meet with the Bishop today (primary stuff) and while we were in there Landon was jumping off of chairs (I kept asking him to stop but it was hard for me to listen too so I just let him) then on about the 4th time he tripped a little and fell he looked at me and said "Mom, that guy pushed me." The Bishop and I both started laughing. "Who pushed you honey" "that guy on the chair, he pushed me like this (showed me how he was "pushed") and then I went like this (showed me how he fell) you tell him thats not nice, its mean." so I told "him" and then Landon looked at the chair and said "Thats not nice, we dont push, especially not in church nursery."
Where does he come up with this stuff?

Awww the joys of boys!! this one cracks me up. I have some silly picture posts but tonight is not the night for that.... more to come!!! :O) Im sure you are all holding you breath in anticipation.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

How old are you again?

So lately I have been asking myself that about Landon a TON! He says things to me that just crack me up, that I dont expect my 2 years and 9 month old to be saying. Here are just a few examples of some of the things he says:

A little over a month ago we were driving to Home Depot and Landon asking if we were getting on an airplane to go to Alaska to see, Mimi, Ila and Kirsten. I told him we were not going on an airplane until his birthday time. So he asked where we were going and this is the rest of the conversation that insued.

Me: We are going to Home Depot?
Landon: The Depot wheres that? mom whats that?
Me: Thats a place where we can buy stuff to fix our house. Pops calls it Disneyland.
Landon: Disneyland? We not going to disneyland.
Me: No your right, but Pops calls it Disneyland because its where grandpas like him can have fun like little boys like you have fun at disneyland.
Landon: (puts his finger on his cheek and thinks for a minute) Hmmmm. I understand now, (puts his finger in the air) I not understand for a minute, but now is it my head and I know.

3 more minutes. This is what Landon says any time you tell him its time to stop doing something, or its time to go, or its time to say goodbye. "3 more minutes" (with three fingers in the air) It used to be 1 minute and then he moved on to 2 and now its 3. He will even say it if I tell him its time to stop doing something he did not really even like doing in the first place, I think its his way of being in charge. :O)

Landon has started asking me all the time (starting about a month ago). "Mom watcha doing aday?" and he asks me that almost everytime he sees me. He cocks his head to the side and smiles and asks me that. Its just too sweet. He also likes to sit next to me and tells me "Talk a me mom, you and me we talk bout stuff." So we talk, and he smiles the whole time and sometimes gets shy and blushes and burries his head and laughs. He is just growing up so fast it amazes me! He is not my baby anymore (in a growing sense of the word.)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Just of bunch of silly kids

Random pictures from before I got sick!!! I have been "lazy" since then in taking pics so Ill post the ones I do have later!
Landon Painting his bird house he had so much fun! WOW!! Thats some crazy hair!
Just my cutest little baby!!!!

He makes this face all the time!

Such a happy boy! he is such a good baby always smiling and laughing and being a goof. He turned 9 months a few weeks ago and just is growing so fast. He loves to eat and eats so fast, I cant get the food on his tray fast enough, I literally spend dinner time putting food on his plate, as soon as its there he eats it and I have to put more before I can even take a bite.
He laughs about everything still and just makes such silly faces. He has been so good for me this whole time, making it easy to be sick and not have to worry about him.
He has been refusing to take naps, and by refusing I dont mean he cried the whole time, I mean he lays up there talking and laughing and squealing and saying dada over and over just being a goof. He does sleep through the night so I cant complain.
He still is not 15 pounds he is only 14 pnds 12 oz. such a skinny little thing. He is about 30 inches as well. Growing in length and not much in weight. They think he has an over active thyrode so we are going to check that next week when I go in for my appointment, hopefully we will both find out something.

Got to love that cute little butt! What a pinchable little thing!

Bath Time

I am still feeling like poo getting better every day though. Anyway I have not had a ton of energy even just to think to get on here, so this is my back post, taken right when all the craziness was starting so its about a month ago. Anyway I thought Braddoc was making some cute faces, he was having so much fun in the bath, he had just started being able to sit up in the bath tub with out slipping all over the place so he was thoroughly enjoying splashing and just being silly. Such fun boys!! Enjoy!

Watcha talkin about mom?!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

First word of just jibberish!

Braddoc has been just jibbering forever and the word used most in his jibbering is BABA. Today it turned into DADA!!! So exciting made my heart melt, I know he has no idea what DADA means but it is just too cute hearing him say it.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


As many of you know from a few posts ago I have been battleing kidney stones. I discovered recently that I had one too big to pass and was rushed to the emergency room a little over a week ago. I also found out I have something called Sponge Kidney disease, but Ill tell you more about that later. I had to wait a few days before they could do surgery and so last friday I had surgery done. The surgery had some ups and downs and took several hours longer then expected. The stone was also much larger then they taught and they are pretty sure its been the same big stone that has been causing me problems since October and all the smaller ones I have been passing have just been pieces from it. Anyway 5 hours after returning home I was rushed to the emergency room again. Long story short I wound up staying there till Sunday night and have been home since, however I have had someone with me and the boys night and day. I can hardly move to take care of myself let alone the boys. I am so greatful for all the wonderful ladies in my ward (who are also friends) who have stepped up and just taken over my house and fixed us meals, brought flowers and goodies, taken care of my kids, stayed the night with me, put my kids to bed, helped me to the bathroom and up and down from bed. They have all been angels and I dont know how I would be doing it without them. Words can not express how much they all mean to me. It makes me sick to my stomach too look at the computer for too long, or to really think so I just wanted to update everyone and I will give more info when I am feeling better. Thank you to all of you who have helped me so far, you really are amazing women and I am so blessed to have you in my life, you have all demonstrated true christ like love and have taught me and given me so much. Thank you thank you thank you! I really would be lost without you.

Friday, May 01, 2009

First solo apple!

He was so funny to watch while he was eating his apple! Cracks me up, he would not put down the letter to eat the apple. And whenever he bit off a chunk I would take it from him so he did not chock and he would yell at me. He is so funny about food, when you take his food away he gets very fussy, dont mess with this kids food. He has started this new thing where he will fuss fakely as he moves his head towards whatever it is he is fussing for and moving his lips in an up and down puckering motion till he gets his mouth to what he wants and then he smiles. Crazy kid!

Just chillin!

Whenever I ask Landon what Braddoc is doing he always tells me, "Just chillin!" Which is so true because this boy is just so chill. He is so layed back and just hangs out all the time. He is just so sweet and calm. Tonight when I went in to check on him he was like this. I thought it was so cute! The chiller of all chillers, this kid is the king of chill! :O)

Just a few random thoughts from my mind today....its a scarey place to be!!

My split personality child!
Landons new thing: When he likes something or wants to do something he says "Oh Beautiful, I like that, me too!" or "I want to go on a walk, lets do it, me too!" or "Im tired, i want to take a nap, okay, me too!" Who knew a two and a half year old could have a split personality.

A weird quirky habit of mine:
I was eating M&Ms after dinner, well sneaking them so Landon would not see. (I know Im bad but my husbands gone and I can FINALLY eat chocolate, well sort of) anyway I realized that I eat my colored candy that comes out of a bag really weird. Now by colored candy I mean stuff like M&Ms, skittles, jelly beans, shock tarts, sweet tarts, you know stuff like that. Anyway I get them in my hand and in my mind I sort them out be color and narrow down into even groups. So say there are: 1 red, 2 blue, 3 green, 3 purple, 4 orange and 5 yellow I will eat them like this.... one yellow so there is:1,2,3,3,4,4 and then one orange and one yellow so there is : 1,2,3,3,3,3 and then one green, one purple, one orange and one yellow so there is: 1,2,2,2,2,2 and then: one blue, one red, one green, one purple, one orange, and one yellow so there is just one of everything left and then I eat all those. Totally weird right!!?? But I have to do it everytime, I cant remember the last time I did not eat them that way, and its not even something I think about its just something that I do, yeah Im weird!! Also if its the chocolate I have to pop off the outer chocolate shell first. :O)

When I tuck Landon into bed and leave the room I tell him "I Love you" he says "I love you too", and if I dont say "I love you too", back to him he just yells it until I say it again.

I cried today while watching a preview for Wolverine. Why you ask? Because I miss my husband. Anyone who has been to our house and "rented" one of our movies knows what big movie buffs we are. Thats our favorite thing to do on a date is go to the movie and then go and get ice cream afterwards and talk about the movie, stuff like "Could that really happen?" "What would you do if that happened to you." "Do you think the government really covers that kind of stuff up?" "Do you think stuff like that really goes on behind the scenes?" We love it because it gives us something more to talk about then our jobs, our house, our kids, our responsiblities, thats our pillow talk, so its nice to have something else to talk about. Not that I dont like to talk about that stuff, but when we are out on a date I want to just get away and be Aurie and Noah and not talk about our responsibilities, we talk about that enough at home. So anyway, I cried because Wolverine, Star Trek (im a closet star trek fan, oppps guess not anymore), Angles and Demons, and Harry Potter, are all coming out while Noah is in Iraq. All movies we have talked about forever, all movies we really want to see and would see if he was home( we love to go to the movie but are VERY selective of what we see. Its got to be full of action and adventure, something that is best seen on the big screen, like the movies I just talked about) and all movies that I am going to have to see without him. It made me cry, just thinking about all the little things I miss, and the little things I cherish, and often the things I take for granted. Like tonight sitting here watching a movie and being on here, its friday night I should be eating junk food and cuddling up with a movie and my husband, not a movie and a computer. :O( Ahhhh cant wait till he gets home.

Why does gum have to come in those little "boxes"? Didnt it work just fine in a wrapper? I mean come on $1.29 for a pack of gum, are you kidding me? Seriously what happened to good old $.60 packs of gum?

Mamma Mia! 10

So I just watched the movie/musical "Mamma Mia!" To tell you the truth I was not really looking forward to it, I did not really know anything about it besides it was the theatrical adaption of the musical. I netflixed it about a month ago, (mostly because Pierce Brosnan was in it) and its just been sitting on my entertainment center since then. So today durning nap time I was just pooped from all I had been doing and decided to just sit down and watch it and I was pleasently surprise. I could not contain my smile through the whole thing. It was very cute. I probably mostly like it because it had three of my all time favorite things (well beside the obvious like our family, health, job, church) anyway 1) Pierce Brosnan (and that would be enough, okay there is my MAJOR celebrity crush, and yes Noah knows!) 2) Music/dancing 3) Greece!!! Ahhh all those add up to a good movie!!!

So since I listed those things I was thinking about something a friend had on her blog,

THE 10 THINGS I WANT TO DO BEFORE I DIE!!! so here is my list in no particular order

1)See Greece in person

2) be in a real play/musical (not just high school or church stuff)

3) Visit Germany and see all the WWII stuff

4) Visit NY during christmas and new years

5) swim with sharks (this will probably be how I die) :O)

6) watch my kids get married in the temple to wonderful companions

7) Take professional cooking classes (Noah and I always talk about opening a resturant one day and him running it while I cook)

8) Learn true christ like love

9) see the Titanic up close (I have to of course get over my clastaphobia)

10) Serve a mission with my husband (hopefully somewhere forgien, so I can learn a new language too)