Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What a sad dreary day!

See you later dear friends. We love you lots and lots!!!

I have TONS of pictures of these two from little bitty babies till now, but I dont have them on this computer so Ill have to post more later!!! These are just the more recent.

Landon and Ila are two year old soul mates. Landons bday is July 31st and Ilas is August 1st and they have always just been so close, the little twins!!! Everytime they are together I think that this must be what its like for people who have twins. :O) such a blast!!! We will miss yall so much, but we are glad you are moving somewhere we can visit.

So In the last few months I have experienced all the "negatives" of military life I ever want to experience. As you already know Noah left for Iraq at the beginning of Feb. and now I have lost one of my dearest friends to the military life too. There family left for their new life and adventure in Alaska. MY HOME STATE!!! Im a tad bit jealous Ill admit, but mostly just totally excited for them and the fact that my family is still in Alaska and we try to get up there once every two years, (maybe now we will have to make it more). It was a bitter sweet goodbye! I am so excited for their new life but so sad to see them go. It was really a family affair this time aroung, Landon lost his very best friend and I lost mine and Noah lost one of his, tis the military way I suppose.

When they left we all cried. Landon stood on the front porch tears streaming down his face waving goodbye and crying very hard, which of course made me cry even more. All day yesterday he was mopeing around the house and kept telling me he was very sad. The weather even agreed that it was not a happy day, its been dreary for the past two days, I suppose we are all in "mourning" over the loss of our friends.


Kirsten and Jon said...

Oh Aurie...you made me cry again! It seems the whole world is gloomy today, I know I feel that way too. We had fun at Sea World, but there was still a sadness there. At least we know we will always be friends, it's not so hard when you think about it that way.

Amy said...

Sorry you had to say goodbye to your friends. It's hard enough for the adults but poor Landon. That's tough.