Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ode to the kidney stone

Why me!????
Why do you chose to "grace" me with your presence at such inopportune times,
like pregnancies, labor, weddings, vacations,
and now of all times to visit me
you have to do it while my husband is away
and I have to deal with you on my own today.
You must love me because you visit me more often then family
and more often then mother nature,
but I must tell you feeling is NOT mutual
I loathe you!
Dispise you!
And wish that you did not exsist.
I have to say I find it rather odd that this is the trial I am blessed with
I dont drink milk, I donk drink soda and I drink lots of water.
So I repeat why me!!???
What about me is so special?
Please go away and never come back!!!

The bottom photo is a close up of what a stone looks like. Can you imagine that going through your urianry tract, cutting up everything it touches, talk about an excrusiating pain!!!! I hate these stupid things!!! And hope I pass this one quickly!!!


Kirsten and Jon said...

I hope it passes quickly too! I've never experienced that but I imagine it must be terrible! That's so weird, I wonder what causes them for you.

Kirsti said...

Oh! You poor thing. Not fun. I've heard kidney stones are worse than delivering a baby. Hope you're 100% soon. :)

Dez said...

Oh you poor poor girl. I hope you feel better soon. P.S. I love friends too!

Katie L said...


Court and Joe said...

Hey girl! I hope since you have passed some stones that you are having SOME relief, but hope that your completely better SOON! Please call for anything!

Amy said...

So sorry Aurie. That's aweful. Hope it passed already or does quickly.

mikensi.jimmy said...

ouch! omg.. that is insane!! i'm sorry that has to happen to you! :(