Friday, April 24, 2009

My Eight month old darling!

Okay so this is a bit late since he is almost 9 months old now, but better late then never right!

This month Braddoc seems to have grown leaps and bounds, I am constantly amazed by him and the things he does. He is such a sweet boy and a wonderful baby! He is still so tiny, still in the 14 pound zone and in size 2 diapers, I think he is trying to stay my baby forever, which is fine with me. He is such an amazing addition to our home and is taking good care of mommy while daddy is gone.
These are some of the things we love about Braddoc and some of the things he is doing:

*If you put him up next to something he can stand for a long time, he can even let go and stand for about 5 seconds before he gracefully falls.
*He is not crawling and still hates to be on his tummy but he is desperatly trying to get to Landons toys by leaning as far as he can.
*He still does not really roll over, he can but he doesn't he is content to just lay there on his back or sit there and just hang out.
*He is just a chiller and loves to just take everything in, he also really likes to cuddle with you too.
* He talks all the time about everything all he really says is BaBaBa and then a bunch of gibberish. He makes a puckered face all the time when he is talking and makes lots of bubbles.
*He is fine by himself but if he sees an adult he wants someone to acknowledge him.
*He is happy for a long time doing something and when he starts fussing you just have to give him a change of scenery and he is fine again.
*He eats 3-5 jars of baby food a day, and LOVES it, he would totally eat more if you let him, this one is going to eat us out of house and home.
*He loves to eat finger food, he is getting really good at picking food up and eating it by hand. He is still working on the pinchers but is getting a lot better at it. He attacks his food and hardly lets any escape, the second its on his tray he is in attack mode. If you leave the lid to his food on the edge of his tray he will get that too.
*He smiles all the time about everything, and laughs just as much. Everyone talks about what a happpy baby he is. His smile lights up a room.
*He loves his big brother, they have started wrestling and being really silly together, I just know they will be the best of friends.
*He is starting to like baths, still cries as soon as I put him in but calms down and plays after a few seconds.
*He sleeps through the night, usually about 12 hours straight and then wakes up to eat and goes back to sleep sometimes he sleeps straight till 8:30 with out wanting to eat.
*He has to eat his dinner sometime between 6-7 or he wakes up around 3 am hungery.
*He loves being in the car, if we are somewhere and he gets fussy I know as soon as he is in the car he will be all better (Landon was the total opposite).
*He has no stranger averson, he loves everyone, and will go to anyone.
*He loves books, he loves to be read too and to hold the book and of course chews on his bath books like crazy. He has a book in his excersaucer and he LOVES it, he plays with the almost the whole time.
*He has 6 teeth, four on the top, two on the bottom and is in the proccess of cutting more.
*He hollars all the time, when he talks is so loud and he just jabber jabbers to all his toys very loudly.
*He loves to chew on spoons and the backs of his binkies.
*He hates to have poop in his diaper and will wake up immediately if he has pottied and will fuss till its off (his fussing is very wimpy and really can hardly be called a fuss)
*He goes to sleep so good on his own, almost as soon as his head hits the bed.
*He loves to cover his face up when he sleeps.
*He loves to pull your head close and and give you lots of kisses.
*He loves to look in the mirror and tries to figure out who that baby is.
*He loves to make raspberry sounds.
*He is just all around a totally fun, chill, silly, happy baby boy!
Look at those eyes!!! Just amazing!

Loves his big brother

My silly little bunny rabbit

He loves pickles!!! Not the sweet ones, the dill ones, whats with my kids and pickles? I swear I have this picture of Landon somewhere too!

Movin and groovin, sort of!!!!


Kirsten and Jon said...

He's such a cutie for sure! I loved it when he would grab my head and give me hugs and kisses. Such a sweet boy.

Katie L said...

As much as I hate the whole "baby" stage, it is so wonderful and amazing to see them grow leaps and bounds during that first year! And your little guy is so cute!!!

Amy said...

Getting so big. Man it's going too fast!