Wednesday, April 29, 2009

In light of recent events.....

So in light of the swine flu epidemic (or whatever its called) I have been thinking about preparedness. I actually felt really good when they said on the news that if it reached level 6 (the highest level) epidemic that everything would shut down and if it got really bad then everything, like grocery stores (truckers who drive in food would be not allowed to travel) gas stations (lack of gas delivered) and things along those lines could be shut down. Not that I felt good out of excitment but because I knew we have plenty of food storage to survive. I was not in panic mode or anything (if you know me that something). I walked into our closet and took stock, I was very pleased with what I saw and breathed easier.

Im really not worried about anything like that happening but it was just one of those times where I thought about all the warnings we have been give and are continually given to be prepared. "If yeah are prepared, yea shall not fear." I am prepared, I did not fear.
It also got my preparedness mind on a run though! I started thinking about all the things I have been preparing for. Natural disaster, trucking strick, long term power outages, lose of water, lose of job, stuff like that, but I have never really thought about what we would need if there was a outbreak of some type of disease or illness. Okay so the black plague is not going to happen, and I am Legend will probably never happen. But what if something does happen on a smaller scale, am I ready for that? I thought about all I had in storage..... what would we need? Sterile gloves, face masks, hand sanitizer, medicine, drinks (like gatorade) that help you when you are sick, soap, bleach, clorox, cleaners, tissues, you know stuff like that. I went into my storage area took stock of what I needed and went out and bought some stuff to get me started. Like I said Im not worried about something happening today or tommorow, but if something does happen I want to be ready. I see this as a warning something I sure as heck am not going to ignore. I am not going to be one of those people who when something bad does happen says "I was not ready, there was no warning." I may not be 100 percent prepared, but Im not going to stop buying a little here and there, it makes me feel better and plus its kind of fun!!!

Anyway this whole swine flu has been good for me. Got me thinking about things, and is a rather spiritually wakening experience. I have been thinking alot of being prepared in all things, both physically and spiritually, and its been really nice!!! Just thought I would share.

Just a disclaimer: I am not telling any of you to go out and buy anything, or chastizing anyone who does not have food storage. I am simply talking about my recent eye opening experience. :O) So please think I am aiming this at anyone, because Im not! I just wanted to share what I had been thinking lately, mostly because this is my "journal" and thats whats been on my mind as of the last few days.


Amy said...

You are so lucky to be so prepared. I wish I was more prepared. The first thing I thought about when I heard about the swine flu was it was another reason we have food storage.
We are having an outbreak locally. All the schools in Huntsville, Madison city, and county are currently closed.

Amanda XOX said...

Way to go Aurie!