Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Easter Pictures! (finally)

Here are our Easter pictures!!! Well the boys in their outfits, none of our basket, egg dyeing, dinner or our hunt! I will work on that later, I just wanted to show them in there cute Easter outfits. They are just precious. This day was really the first time they have ever really done the brotherly thing, wrestling on the floor and being just crazy silly with one another. Such a happy boy

Ahhh brothers, giving me a hard time taking pictures. I should have taken them before we left that day, but I was totally running behind and they were sleepy after church so they were not too happy with me, still got some good pictures.

I tried to get a closer picture, but Landon was not having it.

Landon was sitting on Braddoc "wrestling" with him, it was so funny. I was a little worried he was going to squish him but over all they did pretty good with one another, and no one got hurt!

I love this picture!!!!

Just being silly, trying to get them to take a picture together laying down but they wont work with me.

Aw got to love these babies!!

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Amy said...

The boys are so cute. :) They looked so handsome in their Easter outfits.