Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Easter morning!!!

We had so much fun with out baskets. We did them on saturday so that we could not have a stressful sunday, so we could have a calm, spiritual easter sunday. It was very nice!

Landon walked into the living room and said! "Wooow, is that mine? the bunny came!!!" It was lots of fun, then he just stood there and looked at everything until I told him, "Look at it, its yours!" He got so excited. "Its mine? Its mine! Yeah! Beautiful, thank you mommy, thank you easter bunny!" He had so much fun!

Here he is with my brother! They came over on Saturday to have an Easter brunch before nap, it was actually very crazy and stressful and as horrible as it sounds is why we got together with friends on the actually easter day. There was a melt down on my moms part which is so normal for all holidays!!! Thats why we do everything we can with friends. My sweet little man

Getting into Braddocs basket from the easter bunny, that was brought to pops and nanas house.

The mess from the baskets

Just taking it all in, watching his big brother!

Can you tell he is just thrilled to have CANDY!!!

Tear stained I know he was throwing a fit and Im not sure why!

After all was said and done with the day it was all and all a pretty good day. We did have a nice time. We went to a bbq with some other friends that evening and went on an egg hunt. Landon had a blast at the egg hunt. The big kids rushed in and took all the eggs just as Landon was getting to them, it was kind of nerve raking. He would get right there, reach out to get them and then one of the older kids would rush in and grab them. I was trying to be nice but it was still making me mad. He had fun though, started to get frustrated after it happened several times but forgot about it afterwards and just played at the park. He loved that the eggs had stuff in them and kept sneaking candy. Silly boy!!!

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Katie L said...

What a good idea to do baskets on Sat instead of Sunday! Cute pictures... CANDY!!! Aren't they just always excited about the candy?!!

You know, my favorite part of the superficial Easter celebration is the egg hunt. I love egg hunts! But yes, the big kids are very selfish and rude! That's a shame.

Lookslike you guys had a great easter!!