Sunday, April 26, 2009

Be still my heart....Ive done something right!!!

I took the boys to a good friends house this morning before church so I could go to one of my trillions of meetings. :O) And right after we got there Landon handed David (the hubby) his movie and talked to him for a bit and then took his shoes off, held them in the palm of one of his tiny little hands and with his other hand had two fingers holding the shoes up top, on finger in each shoe, very delicately and then looked at David lovingly and asks, "Where do these go? Where I put these?" He asked a couple of times but David was talking and did not hear my precious babies question (which often happens because he is so tiny), so I looked down at his little precious face after he had asked about 3 time and showed/told them where to put them. I was in such a rush that at the time I did not see how sweet this was. I did not stop to tell him what a wonderful boy he was or tell him how good of a job he did taking his shoes off and asking where to put them. As soon as I got in the car and my mind had time to focus and replay the event that just transpired I started to cry. I want to tell him what a good boy he is all the time, when he does wonderful things like that let him know how good it was, so that he continues to do it and knows that he is doing a good job growing up. The picture of him standing there holding the shoes just replays over and over in my mind and I think about how greatful I am to have such wonderful, sweet kids. They are really who keeps me going each day, no matter how stressful they can be, I wouldnt change a thing about them. They teach me so much each day, even on the hard days, I know I learn so much more from them then I teach them, and its times like this where I realize I must not be doing such a bad job after all.

After church each sunday Landon is normally the last one to get picked up. I try not to let that happen but with all the stuff I have going on its sometimes hard to get him right away. He has been worried that when I leave him I wont come back, so every time when I come pick him up he says, "Mommy you come back." (one of the few times I still get mommy and not mom) and then rubs my faces and says "Beautiful, oh thanks you mommy! you come back." Well today they had to bring him to me because they were ready to go and when I saw him I said, "Honey Im so sorry mommy was late to get you, Im sorry!!" And he said "I sorry mommy, I be a good boy, I sorry, you come back, you come back. Beautiful mommy, I love you." And wrapped one arm around my head held the side of my face and rested his cheek on mine and said again, "I sorry, I love you, you come back." Just melt my heart, this child is an angel. Again just amazes me, how did I luck out with such good kids. Man I love my boys!!!

Landon wanted to take a nap with me today, and I caved. I just love watching him all curled up in a ball next too me. Before he went to sleep he just rubbed my face, and told me it would be okay (still in tuns of pain from the stones) and just looked into my eyes lovingly. He has such an amazing spirit for such a little guy.


Kirsten and Jon said...

That is so sweet. He's taking care of you so well :)

mikensi.jimmy said...

i agree-- what a sweet story! ^.^ he will make a great hubby in years to come! i hope you get to feeling better! i guess i can't whine about how crappy my pregnancy is, lol! i never knew how razor sharp those things were! ouch! hang in there!

Amy said...

He is so loving. He gets that from both of his great parents! Doesn't it just melt your heart when they are so sweet and good. Thank goodness for days like that.
You know I don't have a good excuse but I'm always last to pick up Blake from nursery and he hates it to be last. Maybe in his mind he thinks I'm not coming to get him either. :(