Friday, April 24, 2009

Ahhhhh Brothers!!!

I love having boys, they are so much fun, and of course totally cute! They both love each other so much and play so well together. We wanted a boy first and lucked out with Landon and then we hoped for another boy so they could be best buds growing up and lucked out again with Braddoc, we are so blessed. I am amazed every day at how well they get along and with what an amazing big brother Landon is. He helps me with Braddoc so much and puts on shows for him to cheer him up when he is fussy. Braddoc loves Landon and Landon loves Braddoc, could I ask for more!!??


Court and Joe said...

All these pictures are darling Aurie, but especially the top two!!! I love their cute little outfits:) And I must agree that you are so blessed! Love em!

Kirsti said...

These are great brother pics. I'm sure they'll have a blast growing up together.

Amy said...

Aww so sweet. Blake loves Avery but does not like taking photos with him. You are lucky to have such cute photos of both of them smiling and happy together!