Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Easter morning!!!

We had so much fun with out baskets. We did them on saturday so that we could not have a stressful sunday, so we could have a calm, spiritual easter sunday. It was very nice!

Landon walked into the living room and said! "Wooow, is that mine? the bunny came!!!" It was lots of fun, then he just stood there and looked at everything until I told him, "Look at it, its yours!" He got so excited. "Its mine? Its mine! Yeah! Beautiful, thank you mommy, thank you easter bunny!" He had so much fun!

Here he is with my brother! They came over on Saturday to have an Easter brunch before nap, it was actually very crazy and stressful and as horrible as it sounds is why we got together with friends on the actually easter day. There was a melt down on my moms part which is so normal for all holidays!!! Thats why we do everything we can with friends. My sweet little man

Getting into Braddocs basket from the easter bunny, that was brought to pops and nanas house.

The mess from the baskets

Just taking it all in, watching his big brother!

Can you tell he is just thrilled to have CANDY!!!

Tear stained I know he was throwing a fit and Im not sure why!

After all was said and done with the day it was all and all a pretty good day. We did have a nice time. We went to a bbq with some other friends that evening and went on an egg hunt. Landon had a blast at the egg hunt. The big kids rushed in and took all the eggs just as Landon was getting to them, it was kind of nerve raking. He would get right there, reach out to get them and then one of the older kids would rush in and grab them. I was trying to be nice but it was still making me mad. He had fun though, started to get frustrated after it happened several times but forgot about it afterwards and just played at the park. He loved that the eggs had stuff in them and kept sneaking candy. Silly boy!!!

Easter Dinner!

We went to some friends of ours house fir Easter dinner! It was nice to be with friends for the holidays, people who love us and who we love. Its great because our whole familie are friends, rariety right!
Landon was kind of acting up from lack of a good nap so he was stressing me out a bit, but it was really nice that he had so many friends to play with.
The Ashtons house is where we went. They have an awesome huge backyard they was just so much fun to play in. All the friends that were there were: Ashtons, Woodhouse, Armstrongs, Hills, Leemans, Stevesons, and Booths.

The kids getting ready for the egg hunt, the camera died just as we made it out for the hunt so there are no pics of that. The booths and the Armstrongs

Braddoc with his girlfriend Camri, she is the cutest little girl ever!!!! They are so cute together!
John was trying to get all the kids to do "stiffy" Landon was not having it, but they were all about hanging out with John.
Mason, Ila and Landon!!! I just love this age for how much fun they have with other kids, they have so much personality. Truly little people! Its just so much fun!

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter and were able to spend it with family, wheither that be the friends you have or your actually family!!!

Easter Pictures! (finally)

Here are our Easter pictures!!! Well the boys in their outfits, none of our basket, egg dyeing, dinner or our hunt! I will work on that later, I just wanted to show them in there cute Easter outfits. They are just precious. This day was really the first time they have ever really done the brotherly thing, wrestling on the floor and being just crazy silly with one another. Such a happy boy

Ahhh brothers, giving me a hard time taking pictures. I should have taken them before we left that day, but I was totally running behind and they were sleepy after church so they were not too happy with me, still got some good pictures.

I tried to get a closer picture, but Landon was not having it.

Landon was sitting on Braddoc "wrestling" with him, it was so funny. I was a little worried he was going to squish him but over all they did pretty good with one another, and no one got hurt!

I love this picture!!!!

Just being silly, trying to get them to take a picture together laying down but they wont work with me.

Aw got to love these babies!!

In light of recent events.....

So in light of the swine flu epidemic (or whatever its called) I have been thinking about preparedness. I actually felt really good when they said on the news that if it reached level 6 (the highest level) epidemic that everything would shut down and if it got really bad then everything, like grocery stores (truckers who drive in food would be not allowed to travel) gas stations (lack of gas delivered) and things along those lines could be shut down. Not that I felt good out of excitment but because I knew we have plenty of food storage to survive. I was not in panic mode or anything (if you know me that something). I walked into our closet and took stock, I was very pleased with what I saw and breathed easier.

Im really not worried about anything like that happening but it was just one of those times where I thought about all the warnings we have been give and are continually given to be prepared. "If yeah are prepared, yea shall not fear." I am prepared, I did not fear.
It also got my preparedness mind on a run though! I started thinking about all the things I have been preparing for. Natural disaster, trucking strick, long term power outages, lose of water, lose of job, stuff like that, but I have never really thought about what we would need if there was a outbreak of some type of disease or illness. Okay so the black plague is not going to happen, and I am Legend will probably never happen. But what if something does happen on a smaller scale, am I ready for that? I thought about all I had in storage..... what would we need? Sterile gloves, face masks, hand sanitizer, medicine, drinks (like gatorade) that help you when you are sick, soap, bleach, clorox, cleaners, tissues, you know stuff like that. I went into my storage area took stock of what I needed and went out and bought some stuff to get me started. Like I said Im not worried about something happening today or tommorow, but if something does happen I want to be ready. I see this as a warning something I sure as heck am not going to ignore. I am not going to be one of those people who when something bad does happen says "I was not ready, there was no warning." I may not be 100 percent prepared, but Im not going to stop buying a little here and there, it makes me feel better and plus its kind of fun!!!

Anyway this whole swine flu has been good for me. Got me thinking about things, and is a rather spiritually wakening experience. I have been thinking alot of being prepared in all things, both physically and spiritually, and its been really nice!!! Just thought I would share.

Just a disclaimer: I am not telling any of you to go out and buy anything, or chastizing anyone who does not have food storage. I am simply talking about my recent eye opening experience. :O) So please think I am aiming this at anyone, because Im not! I just wanted to share what I had been thinking lately, mostly because this is my "journal" and thats whats been on my mind as of the last few days.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Be still my heart....Ive done something right!!!

I took the boys to a good friends house this morning before church so I could go to one of my trillions of meetings. :O) And right after we got there Landon handed David (the hubby) his movie and talked to him for a bit and then took his shoes off, held them in the palm of one of his tiny little hands and with his other hand had two fingers holding the shoes up top, on finger in each shoe, very delicately and then looked at David lovingly and asks, "Where do these go? Where I put these?" He asked a couple of times but David was talking and did not hear my precious babies question (which often happens because he is so tiny), so I looked down at his little precious face after he had asked about 3 time and showed/told them where to put them. I was in such a rush that at the time I did not see how sweet this was. I did not stop to tell him what a wonderful boy he was or tell him how good of a job he did taking his shoes off and asking where to put them. As soon as I got in the car and my mind had time to focus and replay the event that just transpired I started to cry. I want to tell him what a good boy he is all the time, when he does wonderful things like that let him know how good it was, so that he continues to do it and knows that he is doing a good job growing up. The picture of him standing there holding the shoes just replays over and over in my mind and I think about how greatful I am to have such wonderful, sweet kids. They are really who keeps me going each day, no matter how stressful they can be, I wouldnt change a thing about them. They teach me so much each day, even on the hard days, I know I learn so much more from them then I teach them, and its times like this where I realize I must not be doing such a bad job after all.

After church each sunday Landon is normally the last one to get picked up. I try not to let that happen but with all the stuff I have going on its sometimes hard to get him right away. He has been worried that when I leave him I wont come back, so every time when I come pick him up he says, "Mommy you come back." (one of the few times I still get mommy and not mom) and then rubs my faces and says "Beautiful, oh thanks you mommy! you come back." Well today they had to bring him to me because they were ready to go and when I saw him I said, "Honey Im so sorry mommy was late to get you, Im sorry!!" And he said "I sorry mommy, I be a good boy, I sorry, you come back, you come back. Beautiful mommy, I love you." And wrapped one arm around my head held the side of my face and rested his cheek on mine and said again, "I sorry, I love you, you come back." Just melt my heart, this child is an angel. Again just amazes me, how did I luck out with such good kids. Man I love my boys!!!

Landon wanted to take a nap with me today, and I caved. I just love watching him all curled up in a ball next too me. Before he went to sleep he just rubbed my face, and told me it would be okay (still in tuns of pain from the stones) and just looked into my eyes lovingly. He has such an amazing spirit for such a little guy.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Ahhhhh Brothers!!!

I love having boys, they are so much fun, and of course totally cute! They both love each other so much and play so well together. We wanted a boy first and lucked out with Landon and then we hoped for another boy so they could be best buds growing up and lucked out again with Braddoc, we are so blessed. I am amazed every day at how well they get along and with what an amazing big brother Landon is. He helps me with Braddoc so much and puts on shows for him to cheer him up when he is fussy. Braddoc loves Landon and Landon loves Braddoc, could I ask for more!!??

My Eight month old darling!

Okay so this is a bit late since he is almost 9 months old now, but better late then never right!

This month Braddoc seems to have grown leaps and bounds, I am constantly amazed by him and the things he does. He is such a sweet boy and a wonderful baby! He is still so tiny, still in the 14 pound zone and in size 2 diapers, I think he is trying to stay my baby forever, which is fine with me. He is such an amazing addition to our home and is taking good care of mommy while daddy is gone.
These are some of the things we love about Braddoc and some of the things he is doing:

*If you put him up next to something he can stand for a long time, he can even let go and stand for about 5 seconds before he gracefully falls.
*He is not crawling and still hates to be on his tummy but he is desperatly trying to get to Landons toys by leaning as far as he can.
*He still does not really roll over, he can but he doesn't he is content to just lay there on his back or sit there and just hang out.
*He is just a chiller and loves to just take everything in, he also really likes to cuddle with you too.
* He talks all the time about everything all he really says is BaBaBa and then a bunch of gibberish. He makes a puckered face all the time when he is talking and makes lots of bubbles.
*He is fine by himself but if he sees an adult he wants someone to acknowledge him.
*He is happy for a long time doing something and when he starts fussing you just have to give him a change of scenery and he is fine again.
*He eats 3-5 jars of baby food a day, and LOVES it, he would totally eat more if you let him, this one is going to eat us out of house and home.
*He loves to eat finger food, he is getting really good at picking food up and eating it by hand. He is still working on the pinchers but is getting a lot better at it. He attacks his food and hardly lets any escape, the second its on his tray he is in attack mode. If you leave the lid to his food on the edge of his tray he will get that too.
*He smiles all the time about everything, and laughs just as much. Everyone talks about what a happpy baby he is. His smile lights up a room.
*He loves his big brother, they have started wrestling and being really silly together, I just know they will be the best of friends.
*He is starting to like baths, still cries as soon as I put him in but calms down and plays after a few seconds.
*He sleeps through the night, usually about 12 hours straight and then wakes up to eat and goes back to sleep sometimes he sleeps straight till 8:30 with out wanting to eat.
*He has to eat his dinner sometime between 6-7 or he wakes up around 3 am hungery.
*He loves being in the car, if we are somewhere and he gets fussy I know as soon as he is in the car he will be all better (Landon was the total opposite).
*He has no stranger averson, he loves everyone, and will go to anyone.
*He loves books, he loves to be read too and to hold the book and of course chews on his bath books like crazy. He has a book in his excersaucer and he LOVES it, he plays with the almost the whole time.
*He has 6 teeth, four on the top, two on the bottom and is in the proccess of cutting more.
*He hollars all the time, when he talks is so loud and he just jabber jabbers to all his toys very loudly.
*He loves to chew on spoons and the backs of his binkies.
*He hates to have poop in his diaper and will wake up immediately if he has pottied and will fuss till its off (his fussing is very wimpy and really can hardly be called a fuss)
*He goes to sleep so good on his own, almost as soon as his head hits the bed.
*He loves to cover his face up when he sleeps.
*He loves to pull your head close and and give you lots of kisses.
*He loves to look in the mirror and tries to figure out who that baby is.
*He loves to make raspberry sounds.
*He is just all around a totally fun, chill, silly, happy baby boy!
Look at those eyes!!! Just amazing!

Loves his big brother

My silly little bunny rabbit

He loves pickles!!! Not the sweet ones, the dill ones, whats with my kids and pickles? I swear I have this picture of Landon somewhere too!

Movin and groovin, sort of!!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ode to the kidney stone

Why me!????
Why do you chose to "grace" me with your presence at such inopportune times,
like pregnancies, labor, weddings, vacations,
and now of all times to visit me
you have to do it while my husband is away
and I have to deal with you on my own today.
You must love me because you visit me more often then family
and more often then mother nature,
but I must tell you feeling is NOT mutual
I loathe you!
Dispise you!
And wish that you did not exsist.
I have to say I find it rather odd that this is the trial I am blessed with
I dont drink milk, I donk drink soda and I drink lots of water.
So I repeat why me!!???
What about me is so special?
Please go away and never come back!!!

The bottom photo is a close up of what a stone looks like. Can you imagine that going through your urianry tract, cutting up everything it touches, talk about an excrusiating pain!!!! I hate these stupid things!!! And hope I pass this one quickly!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Baby Shower!!!

A few weeks ago Angelina and I had a baby shower for another dear friend of ours Emily. She is having another girl and thought she did not need anything shower. I have since converted her to the you need a shower with every baby philosophy. :O) No matter how many kids you have you still need diapers and wipes and its ALWAYS nice to get new clothes for a new baby. Anyway it was a surprise shower and it went off with out a hitch. It was nice, we worked with her husband and he did not give it away. For the first time ever I was involved in a surprise party that actually was a surprise!!! Nice huh!!!

It was a lot of fun, we all went around and told crazy pregnancy stories and just got to know each other better. It was great! Thanks everyone for coming and keeping it such a good secret.

All the ladies: Holly, Courtney, me, Kariann, Emily, Kirsten, Keri, Pansy, Hannah, and Joni, Im not sure where Kassie was, Angelina was taking the picture, and Becky had to leave early!
Angelina, Emily, and me

Good luck Emily with the delivery, hopefully it all goes the way you want and little Anna gets here safe and sound!!!! (quickly too)


Some friends of ours had a FRIENDS party a few weeks ago. We have all talked about how much we loves the old TV Show F*R*I*E*N*D*S for FOREVER. We all talk about them like they really are our friends. (I know dorks we are!!!) Anyway we all dressed up as some of our favorite friends from our favorite episodes and played Scene It FRIENDS. It was a blast, I wish Noah had been around to be there but it was still a blast! I am greatful to have such awesome friends, it truly was an awesome pretty (thanks Jon and Angelina for giving me an excuse to get out of the house for a bit.)

Angelina and I are bracelet buddies Like Chandler and Joey!!! I was Monica from the roof top Days of Our Lives party, that Joey had where Monica has the actors sign her bra!!! They were joking when they were taking this picture that they were going to post it on the ward bulletin with the title "This is what your Primary President does after hours." hahahhaha thanks guys!!!

Court and Joe were Rachel and Ross after they got drunk and married in Vegas. Joe looks like he has been drinking too. :O)
So yes there is my dirty little mormon secret. I LOVE friends, probably should not but we all have our secert pleasures right!!! :O) Anyway dont judge me too harshly! I just like watching it, its one of the few things I laugh at everytime no matter how many times I see it. I dont live the life they live or even live through them I just enjoy a good laugh.