Monday, March 09, 2009

You better watch out!!

Cause I have dinosaur poop and pee ALL OVER my house! Those pesky dinosaurs leaving invisible poop and pee everywhere making it hard for me to walk with out stepping in it. Good thing I have Landon here to show me where the poop and pee is. :O) Thanks for all the help Landon. (obviously he is REALLY into dinosaurs right now, such a true blue little boy)

Everynight from 7-7:20ish Landon gets to watch a little bit of a movie while laying on the couch, before he gets ready for bed and reads scriptures. During this time I try to get the dishes done or whatever else little chore I can while he is doing that, sometimes I will sit down a watch it with him. The other night I finished the dishes and sat down with him, he came over to me and cuddled right up next to me. When it was almost time to get ready for bed I stick one finger up and tell him, "You have one more minute and then we have to go get ready for bed." (normally his response it, "Two more minutes!?") He looks at me on this night moves his hand in a shewing motion and tells me "Put that finger away." (oh the nerve)

Tonight I have been summoned to his room several times with "I need to pee." (twice) " I need to poop" (i did not believe this one because he usually does that first thing in the morning or right before nap, NEVER before bed, but he did go, after sitting there for at least 5 minutes!) and "I want some juice (or milk)" This has been going on for about an hour. I cant not let him not go potty...thats just not right! But seriously you are only 2 1/2 how do you now how to negotiate and put off bed time already? Oh what a silly little boy

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Amy said...

"Put that finger away" that cracks me up sounds like something my little smarty pants would say! I love how blake acts like he doesn't understand when we are getting on to him but when Avery is too loud in the house he tell him to be quiet we're in the house. Or the other night we joked telling Avery he better eat all his dinner and Blake added yeah or no snacks and no cookies! They are so smart and pick up on everything. :)