Friday, March 06, 2009

This ones for you Amy

So the other day I decided to watch a movie while I folded my endless piles of laundry, I had to do something to make the task less mundane and painful. So I go to the movie shelve and browse through the movies, "No seen that one a thousand times," "Thats a romance, not in the mood to cry," "To scarey to watch while Noah is gone," and then there it was a movie that I had NEVER seen, yes we own movies I have never seen. And so I decided to put it in. I think mostly because I felt it was a crime to have never seen it.... this great American classic and I had never seen it. What is this movie you ask?! (heres the part for you Amy) TOP GUN!!!! Im a military wife and a romance movie buff and I had never seen it. I LOVED it!!!! Anyway, there is my crime of the century!!!

(when I get my computer back I will catch up on all the pictures I have taken!!! coming soon!)


Amy said...

WHAT!!!! I was so unaware you had not seen it! I LOVE that movie as you already know. You put me in the mood to watch it now! Glad you finally got the chance to watch it and that you liked it. :)

Kirsti said...

I don't think I've ever watched Top Gun all the way through. I'll have to get to that!

Laura said...

I love to watch movies while I fold laundry! Makes the times pass so much faster! And, speaking of laundry, we're moving to yet another apartment - but this one will have a washer and dryer in it! I'm so excited!
To answer your note on my blog, I do remember JJ. He was in my ward a little bit in Anchorage, then he moved. I also saw him a few times here at BYU after his mission. He wasn't at the Vocal Point that I saw - maybe he was gone somewhere?