Tuesday, March 03, 2009

poor baby boy

Landon has been crying a lot lately and having nightmares since Noah has been gone. I feel so bad for him. He tells me all the time "Mommy, I just sad, I miss my daddy." He woke up the other day and looked out the window and told me "Mommy, daddy is far away," then he strains to look far out the window "But I dont see him mommy! he VERY far away?" My poor baby! I feel so bad for him, I know that he misses his daddy so much. And now everyone misses daddy. Whenever Eeore is sad on "My friends Tigger and Pooh" Landon tells me "He sad, he misses my daddy." Or Goofy on "Mickey Mouse Club house". And when anyone around is sick and sounds like they have been crying, then they are sad and misses his daddy. I feel so bad for him, I hope that he will still really miss his daddy and that when daddy comes home it will be an amazing day, but I dont want him hurt or in pain, or feeling so sad all the time like he is. I wish I could take all his sadness and pain away, it breaks my heart everytime he tells me "I just sad, I miss my daddy," and starts crying, it just makes me ache, my poor darling baby boy!!! I love you Landon and I know we can make it through together


Amy said...

That is so sad and so hard to deal with I'm sure. How can you make a 2 year old to not miss his Daddy??? I know that just when David goes out of town Blake turns into a different kid. He gets into more trouble and cries at night for his Daddy. So hard, I'm sorry. I'm sure he'll be one happy boy the day Noah returns! You should consider getting a pro photographer to photograph that special day.

To answer your question, both my boys have a stawberry blonde look in the sunlight. That picture the sun was coming in through the window. So yeah, kind of red I guess!

Kirsti said...

Poor little guy. Hopefully this time will fly by for you guys.

Laura said...

So sad for both of you; when Joshua tells me that he hurts and I cannot do anything about it, it hurts me too.
I think of the four of you so often - let me know if there is anything else I can do.

4 Nuts In A Basket said...

How is Noah doing? How are you holding up?
It really is so hard for the little ones, somethimes it's really hard to know how much they really understand. I got a lot of thoes kinds of comments when Spencer was gone. I got out a map and showed Gideon where he was - then he would tell anyone who would listen that his daddy was in Georgia... and I printed up a calendar for the time he was gone and we circled the day he would come home and we would mark off the days as they passed, so he could see it getting closer. Does Noah have access to a web cam. Landon would probably love that if you could arrange it!