Friday, March 20, 2009

Our 4th Anniversary!!!

So two out of our 4 Anniversaries we have been together the week of our anniversaryand 1 out of those two we have actually been together on our actual anniversary. And then the two out of the four we have been in totally seperate places, states and countries!!! So Happy anniversary to us!!!

I was trying not to even think about it the week leading up to the actual day (March 5th) just telling myself, its just another day. I was not even expecting anything really!! Noah had talked about how he was planning stuff, but he is usually not so great at surprising me or even fully following through. A little while after I woke up, I hear a knock at the door and find a dozen red roses on the front porch. WHAT? You are thousands of miles away and you are still able to get me flowers (mind you these are like only the second or third thing of roses I have gotten in 5 1/2 yrs) And then later that day I get the Racheal Ray stockpot I have wanted forever and a gift card to Victoria Secret (to get a new bra). Such a sweet husband!! Thank you honey!!

It has been a wonderul 4 years, full of joys, trials, pregnancys, babies, laughs, tears, hugs, buying a new house, 6 moves, joining the Air Force, losing loved ones, trip to hawaii, disneyland, disneyworld, and a road trip across the US, being sealed in the temple, and having an amazing life together full of many other wonderful moments. Heres to many many more anniversaries, and hopefully they are all spent together. :O)

I was going to take about how we met and our story but I ran out of time so Ill talk about that later (i hope)


Amy said...

Such a sweet thing to do. I'm glad he made the extra effort this year when you probably needed it the most. :)

Kirsti said...

Happy Anniversary! I'm glad you got to have a few surprises even though you were apart.

Katie L said...

Yay!!! Happy anniversary!! Congrats on your 4, very adventurous years together!!