Thursday, March 12, 2009

My 7 month old Darling

Braddoc is 7 months. Wow time sure does fly by, it seems like just yesterday I was bringing him home from the hospital. He is such a sweet little baby and has a smile that does on for miles. He brings such peace and joy into our home! He laughs with this whole body and is just genuinly happy all around.

Finally 14 pnds! 14 pnds, 2 oz
28 inches

Here are some of the reasons we love him so and some of the things he has learned to do:

*He has 4 teeth (two full on the bottom and two that just cut through on the top) as well as two trying to cut through on the top.

*He can sit up all by himself, even when he is throwing a fit because he is hungry (rare but it happens) he still can sit up through it all.

*He loves to play with toys and play in his exersaucer.

* He LOVES to eat! He will eat any baby food, expect green beans, he makes a weird face and starts spitting them everywhere. He also opens his mouth and leans into the food. I will have to get a picture here soon.

*He loves his big brother and could watch him for hours.

*He has figured out how to get his binkie in and out. I watched him today throw a little fit because who knows why, and then he saw his binkie, calmed down, picked it up and put it in his mouth, "Awe success!"

*I love his little tiny hands, they are just so perfect. I love when he holds my hand or holds my face in his hands.

*His fohawk hair, its just too cute and is still like that no matter what we do.

*When he is sitting in my lap he will strain so hard to turn his head around to see me and as soon as he does he gets a big smile on his face and reaches out to rub my cheek.

*If he is fussy and I am cooking dinner or something and he has to wait a minute to be feed (he eats while dinner is cooking and then goes to bed, about 5:30/6ish right before we eat dinner) he calms himself down until he sees me and then he whines, just because he can, I love how I bring out the best in him. ;o)

*He still does not want to crawl, but he will strain full body to reach something.

*He loves his driving toy and thinks its so much fun to push the gear lever up and down.

*He loves medicine, at night to calm him down if its not time to wake up and eat yet, (happens about everyother night) I can just put the empty medicine dropper in his mouth and he will go back to sleep.

*He still does not like bathes, we are working on it and now that he can sit up we have been trying it with big brother so its getting a bit better but still not a fan of them.

*He LOVES his baby einstein movies, man those were a good buy, so far two kids who love them, got my moneys worth out of those. :O)

Anyway, there are lots more reasons we love him but Ill just show you some pictures instead. :O) Love those big eyes

This is probably one of my all time favorite pictures of him. Such a cutie!!

Check out the hair, and the messy face! arent I cute!!!

Little drooling machine, his onesies get so wet!! Just like Landons did, I have some drooly boys!! (this is his little car thing he loves!)


Kirsti said...

It's amazing how fast the first year goes by, don't you think? Sometimes I wish it would slow down and sometimes I'm glad it goes by so quickly!

Amy said...

You have been a blogging queen lately. It's hard to catch up!

Braddoc is soooo cute! I love how cute he is sitting them all happy! Maybe he'll let me love on him when you visit! (If you still are going to visit?) Landon is probably too old to let me love on him too much. I feel like I know him but he doesn't know me. :(