Thursday, March 26, 2009

Latest Landon Shananagins

Landon has been working on a lot of prohects lately. Building things and organizing things, he has really been doing excellent work.

Transporting his tools in his back pack and his elephant train, its sure hard work. Organizing my flowers and his Shrek figurines. I have found this site many times.

Always lining up his cars and telling me "Awwwww mommy its so beautiful, take a picture!!" while balling his hands up and putting them in front of his mouth in pure excitment. He is just such a happy go lucky kid and everything is just so exciting, so easy to please.

More of his house!

My house!!! He builds this one a lot and then runs through it like a maze and tells me he built me a house and that its beautiful.

He finished out banisters for us too, this was a massive project undertaking that had to be redone several times, but thanks to the expertise of Landon after about a week it was finally done. I think though that he has decided that he needed to redo it again because he has been working away up there again with his blocks and tools

Such a fun boy! Keeps me busy and entertained!


Kirsti said...

Cute post. I especially loved the banister!

Amy said...

Busy boy! He has a lot of projects going on. :)