Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Landons questions!

Landon and I were laying in my bed the other night after I had put Braddoc to bed and we were talking about random things and he tells me to ask him questions or "stuff" as he said.
So heres my questions and his answers.
Favorite food: Noodles (no hesitation)
Favorite movie: Um, Dinosaur movie (very excited) the one daddy sent me
Favorite toy: Hum, oh GEO TRAX
Favorite animal: Hum lets see no no favorite animal, I like ALL the animals
Favorite show: Mickey mouse show
Best friend: My cars
Favorite car: Boost I love him
Favorite thing to do: be outside
Favorite shirt: Dinosaur one! Its so neat, oh mommy I wear it!

What a cutie!!! I love that I can ask him questions and he can answer them. Its so much fun! I had more questions that I asked him but I cant remember what he said. I seem to not remember a lot of things lately!!! :O) Im getting old! (j/k)


Kirsti said...

That's cute! I want to ask Carson these questions and see what he says!

Kirsten and Jon said...

Your not old! You just have lots going on at the moment. :)

Dez said...

He is such a doll. Hope you are doing well.

Amy said...

Too cute!
Blake probably wouldn't answer anything more than a yes or no question but he wouldn't sit with me long enough for me to ask anyway. At church Sunday someone asked him his favorite color and he grabbed his tie and said this one and then ran off.