Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Im a Canning Machine


I have been on a food storage kick and have been canning up a storm. Its so much fun!!! I rented/borrowed the canner from the cannery here in Vegas and my house has been a canning factory for the last two days. I have been canning our wheat free noodles, raisins, beans, baking soda, popping corn, corn meal, grits, potato flakes, milk, rice, cocoa, potato buds, oats and spaghetti for the boys and several other things. I have the food storage bug and its been so much fun. We have a big butlers pantry in our kitchen nicknamed "The Harry Potter closet", because its under the stairs, if only Harry Potter was so lucky, this thing is huge, big selling point for us on the house, anyway, its getting so full and its so much fun to watch it fill up. I am sad to let the canner go tommorow night.... maybe I should look into buying one? Is that totally crazy? Probably! So I have been bit by the food storage bug and I dont mind the bite one little bit. :O)
All the stuff in boxes is stuff I have canned, there are six cans to a box!!
Stuff still left to be canned!
Food storage stuff!!! Well on our way still aways to go!


Mark and Aubrey said...

I love it. I am way behind in my food storage, maybe you can help motivate me.

Laura said...

Talk about canning! Go, Aurie! I would love to have that kind of food storage space. As it goes, we have a closet - like a coat closet-size space but that's pretty good for Provo apartments.

Kirsti said...

That looks like fun! I would love to have a canner for myself!

Amy said...

Yeah I 'm jealous! Not only of all the food storage but the space to store it. Great job girl. Your family will be so blessed.

Amanda XOX said...

Right on, way to go Aurie! You've got to come to Wags (Walgreens) with me one day!!! Well, maybe your "military market" place is still cheaper though, but look at all your food storage! Fabulous job and keep up the great work.

Amanda XOX said...
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