Friday, March 20, 2009

Did it fall off?

The boys watch Playhouse disney in the morning while I take my shower. However yesterday when I was taking a shower Landon decided that he wanted to come up to the bathroom. He walks into the bathroom looks at me very seriously and says "Mommy wheres you weenkie?" he shrugs his shoulders puts his arms out and tilts his head and then looks at me very worried and says "It fall off?" Then smiles.
We of course had the mommys is a girl and girls dont have weenkies. Landon is a boy and boys do have weenkies conversation. Then he says "Daddys a boy and he has a big weenkie, Landon has a little weenkie and Braddoc has a little little weenkie." :o) Ahh crazy logic!
We then had to talk about all his friends and who had a weenkie and who did not!!! Such a silly boy!!!

I asked Landon to go get me some diapers for Braddoc and he asks me "A big couple or a little couple?" A lot of diapers or a little bit of diapers. I will tell him sometimes, get me a couple of diapers and other times get me a lot of diapers. So I guess he figures thats a big couple and a little couple!!!

So much fun, he cracks me up all day long!!!


Amy said...

LOL. I fear the weird look from Blake so I try to avoid those times but he does come open the shower sometimes. Since he isn't even potty trained yet I don't think he has figured it all out or at least doesn't have a name for it!

mikensi.jimmy said...

omg, that is hilarious!! weenkies!!