Sunday, March 29, 2009

I love this gosple

Landon gets so excited when Sunday rolls around and its time for church. Almost every morning he asks me "Church Sunday?" and I have to tell him how many more days its will be till its time for church, so you can imagine how excited he gets when the answer to his question is tommorow morning or yes today. He is estatic. I am so glad he loves church so much and loves his nursery teachers, I really could not ask for better teachers for my son, they are great!

On the way home from church today Landon tells me. "Mom tell me something." So I asked him what kind of something he wanted me to tell him, "Something about Jesus." So we talked about Easter and what its all about. I told him about Jesus dieing on the cross and much to my surprise, he started crying. "Mommy thats so sad. Why they do that?" So we talked about that and I told him not to be sad because Jesus was resurrected (we worked on that word too) on the third day. "Oh mom, he all better? he not hurt any more, they not be mean to him?" yes honey he is all better, so we talked a bit more about that and he just kept telling me, "Thats so sad, but he all better." And then we talked about how Jesus is our brother. "No he not, Braddoc Landons brother. Jesus not my brother." So I explained to him as best I could what that meant and I think it sunk in best it could for a two and a half year old. "Jesus, mommy, daddy, braddoc, landons brother, all them!"

Tonight we had a fireside for our word at church and someone said something about the Holy Ghost and Landon started saying, (and continued saying the rest of the night.) "Mom hurry up and get out of here before the Holy Ghost gets us, ahhhhh ghost." (I was laughing so hard I had to cover my mouth and hide my head the first time he said it. I suppose I need to work understanding the Holy Ghost.)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Just some things I dont want to forget

I am no longer mommy to Landon I am now just mom. It was a sad sad day for me when I graduated from mommy to mom. I thought I had several more years of mommy left. I still get it every now and then but mostly when he really really wants something or he is telling me in his sweetest voice that he loves me.

Barbeque sauce: Landons way of saying it=Poo sauce

his new word is REALLY= Iam really really hungery, really! Its really messy in hear! That is a really big mess, really clean it up! I am really super thirsty! I really mean it mom!
lots and lots of really!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Latest Landon Shananagins

Landon has been working on a lot of prohects lately. Building things and organizing things, he has really been doing excellent work.

Transporting his tools in his back pack and his elephant train, its sure hard work. Organizing my flowers and his Shrek figurines. I have found this site many times.

Always lining up his cars and telling me "Awwwww mommy its so beautiful, take a picture!!" while balling his hands up and putting them in front of his mouth in pure excitment. He is just such a happy go lucky kid and everything is just so exciting, so easy to please.

More of his house!

My house!!! He builds this one a lot and then runs through it like a maze and tells me he built me a house and that its beautiful.

He finished out banisters for us too, this was a massive project undertaking that had to be redone several times, but thanks to the expertise of Landon after about a week it was finally done. I think though that he has decided that he needed to redo it again because he has been working away up there again with his blocks and tools

Such a fun boy! Keeps me busy and entertained!

Make daddy proud!!

Today after I told Noah the questions I asked Landon, he decided that he wanted to ask him some too. So here are the new questions and answers.
Favorite color: GREEN!!! (daddys too, Noah was so pleased, you should have seen the look on his "computer" face)
Favorite fruit snack: Little Einsteins
Favorite candy: Cookies! I love cookies, get me one mommy.
Favorite show: Little Einsteins

Anyway just thought I would add the remander of the questions and answers. I am still trying to get all my pictures organized so I can add them on here too, then there will be a ton of posts that I will have to add. :O)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Landons questions!

Landon and I were laying in my bed the other night after I had put Braddoc to bed and we were talking about random things and he tells me to ask him questions or "stuff" as he said.
So heres my questions and his answers.
Favorite food: Noodles (no hesitation)
Favorite movie: Um, Dinosaur movie (very excited) the one daddy sent me
Favorite toy: Hum, oh GEO TRAX
Favorite animal: Hum lets see no no favorite animal, I like ALL the animals
Favorite show: Mickey mouse show
Best friend: My cars
Favorite car: Boost I love him
Favorite thing to do: be outside
Favorite shirt: Dinosaur one! Its so neat, oh mommy I wear it!

What a cutie!!! I love that I can ask him questions and he can answer them. Its so much fun! I had more questions that I asked him but I cant remember what he said. I seem to not remember a lot of things lately!!! :O) Im getting old! (j/k)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Our 4th Anniversary!!!

So two out of our 4 Anniversaries we have been together the week of our anniversaryand 1 out of those two we have actually been together on our actual anniversary. And then the two out of the four we have been in totally seperate places, states and countries!!! So Happy anniversary to us!!!

I was trying not to even think about it the week leading up to the actual day (March 5th) just telling myself, its just another day. I was not even expecting anything really!! Noah had talked about how he was planning stuff, but he is usually not so great at surprising me or even fully following through. A little while after I woke up, I hear a knock at the door and find a dozen red roses on the front porch. WHAT? You are thousands of miles away and you are still able to get me flowers (mind you these are like only the second or third thing of roses I have gotten in 5 1/2 yrs) And then later that day I get the Racheal Ray stockpot I have wanted forever and a gift card to Victoria Secret (to get a new bra). Such a sweet husband!! Thank you honey!!

It has been a wonderul 4 years, full of joys, trials, pregnancys, babies, laughs, tears, hugs, buying a new house, 6 moves, joining the Air Force, losing loved ones, trip to hawaii, disneyland, disneyworld, and a road trip across the US, being sealed in the temple, and having an amazing life together full of many other wonderful moments. Heres to many many more anniversaries, and hopefully they are all spent together. :O)

I was going to take about how we met and our story but I ran out of time so Ill talk about that later (i hope)

Did it fall off?

The boys watch Playhouse disney in the morning while I take my shower. However yesterday when I was taking a shower Landon decided that he wanted to come up to the bathroom. He walks into the bathroom looks at me very seriously and says "Mommy wheres you weenkie?" he shrugs his shoulders puts his arms out and tilts his head and then looks at me very worried and says "It fall off?" Then smiles.
We of course had the mommys is a girl and girls dont have weenkies. Landon is a boy and boys do have weenkies conversation. Then he says "Daddys a boy and he has a big weenkie, Landon has a little weenkie and Braddoc has a little little weenkie." :o) Ahh crazy logic!
We then had to talk about all his friends and who had a weenkie and who did not!!! Such a silly boy!!!

I asked Landon to go get me some diapers for Braddoc and he asks me "A big couple or a little couple?" A lot of diapers or a little bit of diapers. I will tell him sometimes, get me a couple of diapers and other times get me a lot of diapers. So I guess he figures thats a big couple and a little couple!!!

So much fun, he cracks me up all day long!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Just Chillin!

I was in the bathroom drying my hair and Landon and Braddoc were downstairs playing. Landon walks into the bathroom and after a little bit of chatting this conversation happens:
Me: Whats baby doing?
Landon: Oh, he's just chillin!!!

Cracks me up! Just chillin! Where do they come up with these things?

Friday, March 13, 2009

Signs of the times!

I got this in my inbox this morning! I thought it was a pretty interesting read!! You can go and read the churchs statement on this as well.
I know I posted something along these lines already but I really liked this.

Temple Endowment
Posted: 13 Mar 2009 12:00 AM PDT
"The temple endowment was given by revelation. Thus, it is best understood by revelation, prayerfully sought with a sincere heart. President Brigham Young said, 'Your endowment is, to receive all those ordinances in the house of the Lord, which are necessary for you, after you have departed this life, to enable you to walk back to the presence of the Father, . . . and gain your eternal exaltation' (Discourses of Brigham Young, sel. John A. Widtsoe [1941], 416)." __________________________________________________ SPECIAL MESSAGE: Church Statement on "Big Love" Visit the Newsroom to read the Church’s official statement on an upcoming episode of HBO’s Big Love that is said to depict temple ceremonies. If you would like to learn more, watch a video that explains why we build temples. To share this video, go to the YouTube page, click “Share” below the video, and then select how you would like to share it. __________________________________________________
Russell M. Nelson, “Personal Preparation for Temple Blessings,” Ensign, May 2001, 32

Thursday, March 12, 2009

My 7 month old Darling

Braddoc is 7 months. Wow time sure does fly by, it seems like just yesterday I was bringing him home from the hospital. He is such a sweet little baby and has a smile that does on for miles. He brings such peace and joy into our home! He laughs with this whole body and is just genuinly happy all around.

Finally 14 pnds! 14 pnds, 2 oz
28 inches

Here are some of the reasons we love him so and some of the things he has learned to do:

*He has 4 teeth (two full on the bottom and two that just cut through on the top) as well as two trying to cut through on the top.

*He can sit up all by himself, even when he is throwing a fit because he is hungry (rare but it happens) he still can sit up through it all.

*He loves to play with toys and play in his exersaucer.

* He LOVES to eat! He will eat any baby food, expect green beans, he makes a weird face and starts spitting them everywhere. He also opens his mouth and leans into the food. I will have to get a picture here soon.

*He loves his big brother and could watch him for hours.

*He has figured out how to get his binkie in and out. I watched him today throw a little fit because who knows why, and then he saw his binkie, calmed down, picked it up and put it in his mouth, "Awe success!"

*I love his little tiny hands, they are just so perfect. I love when he holds my hand or holds my face in his hands.

*His fohawk hair, its just too cute and is still like that no matter what we do.

*When he is sitting in my lap he will strain so hard to turn his head around to see me and as soon as he does he gets a big smile on his face and reaches out to rub my cheek.

*If he is fussy and I am cooking dinner or something and he has to wait a minute to be feed (he eats while dinner is cooking and then goes to bed, about 5:30/6ish right before we eat dinner) he calms himself down until he sees me and then he whines, just because he can, I love how I bring out the best in him. ;o)

*He still does not want to crawl, but he will strain full body to reach something.

*He loves his driving toy and thinks its so much fun to push the gear lever up and down.

*He loves medicine, at night to calm him down if its not time to wake up and eat yet, (happens about everyother night) I can just put the empty medicine dropper in his mouth and he will go back to sleep.

*He still does not like bathes, we are working on it and now that he can sit up we have been trying it with big brother so its getting a bit better but still not a fan of them.

*He LOVES his baby einstein movies, man those were a good buy, so far two kids who love them, got my moneys worth out of those. :O)

Anyway, there are lots more reasons we love him but Ill just show you some pictures instead. :O) Love those big eyes

This is probably one of my all time favorite pictures of him. Such a cutie!!

Check out the hair, and the messy face! arent I cute!!!

Little drooling machine, his onesies get so wet!! Just like Landons did, I have some drooly boys!! (this is his little car thing he loves!)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Im a Canning Machine


I have been on a food storage kick and have been canning up a storm. Its so much fun!!! I rented/borrowed the canner from the cannery here in Vegas and my house has been a canning factory for the last two days. I have been canning our wheat free noodles, raisins, beans, baking soda, popping corn, corn meal, grits, potato flakes, milk, rice, cocoa, potato buds, oats and spaghetti for the boys and several other things. I have the food storage bug and its been so much fun. We have a big butlers pantry in our kitchen nicknamed "The Harry Potter closet", because its under the stairs, if only Harry Potter was so lucky, this thing is huge, big selling point for us on the house, anyway, its getting so full and its so much fun to watch it fill up. I am sad to let the canner go tommorow night.... maybe I should look into buying one? Is that totally crazy? Probably! So I have been bit by the food storage bug and I dont mind the bite one little bit. :O)
All the stuff in boxes is stuff I have canned, there are six cans to a box!!
Stuff still left to be canned!
Food storage stuff!!! Well on our way still aways to go!

The church in the news!

This was a headline in today's on-line news
HBO, Mormons square off over airing of sacred rite
05:40 PM MDT on Tuesday, March 10, 2009
Associated PressSALT LAKE CITY
-- HBO is defending its plans to depict a sacred Mormon temple ceremony in an upcoming episode of "Big Love."The drama about a Utah polygamous family will show an endowment ceremony on Sunday.In a statement issued Tuesday, HBO said it did not intend to be disrespectful of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and apologized. But it says the endowment ceremony is a critical part of the "Big Love" story line.On Monday, Mormon church leaders criticized HBO for its decision to include the ceremony. Only church members in good standing can enter temples to perform or witness the sacred rites.

Go to for the Church's response

Can you believe that we leave in these scarey and unusual times. This is crazy to me that this is even an issue. And I dont understand why it is "critical" to show that part in the show!!! Anyway, I am greatful to be a member of the Church and all that it entales! I hope that this dilema gets resolved in a quick manor and that the endowment ceremony is not showen. This is just another thing to tie into the whole sueing temples for not letting just anybody in.

I pray that this sacred ceremony is not aired for the world to see.

Monday, March 09, 2009

You better watch out!!

Cause I have dinosaur poop and pee ALL OVER my house! Those pesky dinosaurs leaving invisible poop and pee everywhere making it hard for me to walk with out stepping in it. Good thing I have Landon here to show me where the poop and pee is. :O) Thanks for all the help Landon. (obviously he is REALLY into dinosaurs right now, such a true blue little boy)

Everynight from 7-7:20ish Landon gets to watch a little bit of a movie while laying on the couch, before he gets ready for bed and reads scriptures. During this time I try to get the dishes done or whatever else little chore I can while he is doing that, sometimes I will sit down a watch it with him. The other night I finished the dishes and sat down with him, he came over to me and cuddled right up next to me. When it was almost time to get ready for bed I stick one finger up and tell him, "You have one more minute and then we have to go get ready for bed." (normally his response it, "Two more minutes!?") He looks at me on this night moves his hand in a shewing motion and tells me "Put that finger away." (oh the nerve)

Tonight I have been summoned to his room several times with "I need to pee." (twice) " I need to poop" (i did not believe this one because he usually does that first thing in the morning or right before nap, NEVER before bed, but he did go, after sitting there for at least 5 minutes!) and "I want some juice (or milk)" This has been going on for about an hour. I cant not let him not go potty...thats just not right! But seriously you are only 2 1/2 how do you now how to negotiate and put off bed time already? Oh what a silly little boy

Awww to be a single sick tired mom!

Last night at about 9:30 (a VERY early time for me to go to bed, because I usually am still up cleaning and tidying till about 12, but due to this never ending sinus infection I decided that I simply would leave the house work till tommorow) I did my lock up rounds and tidying as best I could before heading to bed. I poured my glass of water and grabbed my book and went to put the phone back on the hook. I opened the fridge, put the phone in, closed the fridge and turned around to grab my stuff to go upstairs when the reality of what I had just done set in. The phone in the fridge? I must really be out of it!!! :O) Thankfully the boys slept till 9:30 this morning so I was able to get up get a shower and get dressed before they woke up, thanks Heavenly Father for that little miracle. Now if I could only remember that the phone goes ON THE CHARGER NOT IN THE FRIDGE!!! we would be doing good. :O)

Friday, March 06, 2009

This ones for you Amy

So the other day I decided to watch a movie while I folded my endless piles of laundry, I had to do something to make the task less mundane and painful. So I go to the movie shelve and browse through the movies, "No seen that one a thousand times," "Thats a romance, not in the mood to cry," "To scarey to watch while Noah is gone," and then there it was a movie that I had NEVER seen, yes we own movies I have never seen. And so I decided to put it in. I think mostly because I felt it was a crime to have never seen it.... this great American classic and I had never seen it. What is this movie you ask?! (heres the part for you Amy) TOP GUN!!!! Im a military wife and a romance movie buff and I had never seen it. I LOVED it!!!! Anyway, there is my crime of the century!!!

(when I get my computer back I will catch up on all the pictures I have taken!!! coming soon!)

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

poor baby boy

Landon has been crying a lot lately and having nightmares since Noah has been gone. I feel so bad for him. He tells me all the time "Mommy, I just sad, I miss my daddy." He woke up the other day and looked out the window and told me "Mommy, daddy is far away," then he strains to look far out the window "But I dont see him mommy! he VERY far away?" My poor baby! I feel so bad for him, I know that he misses his daddy so much. And now everyone misses daddy. Whenever Eeore is sad on "My friends Tigger and Pooh" Landon tells me "He sad, he misses my daddy." Or Goofy on "Mickey Mouse Club house". And when anyone around is sick and sounds like they have been crying, then they are sad and misses his daddy. I feel so bad for him, I hope that he will still really miss his daddy and that when daddy comes home it will be an amazing day, but I dont want him hurt or in pain, or feeling so sad all the time like he is. I wish I could take all his sadness and pain away, it breaks my heart everytime he tells me "I just sad, I miss my daddy," and starts crying, it just makes me ache, my poor darling baby boy!!! I love you Landon and I know we can make it through together

It just aint right!?

So who sits in front of their tv watching "The Biggest Loser" weigh in while eating wheat free oreos and milk? ME!!! Thats who! at least they are wheat free, thats means heathier right!? Just thought it was funny/ ironic. I only ever really watch the weigh ins on Biggest loser. I would love to watch more but tuesdays are my primary nights, but anyway, Im sitting here doing my nightly relax and eat a snack ritual and it just so happened that this time my snack was not so healthy and the biggest loser was on.... anyway just thinking about how ironic it was and thought I would share.