Sunday, February 08, 2009

What have we created?

Tonight after we put Landon to bed, we listened to him talking and singing for a bit and then we hear, "Help me daddy, help me daddy, help, my shirt." over and over again. Noah goes in to see whats wrong and see Landon in bed with his shirt off. (he was wearing a button up the front pj set) The following conversation insues,
Landon: Help me get my shirt back on.
Noah: What are you doing? Why is your shirt off?
Landon: I feed Minnie!!!!!!!!

Oh my gosh!! He was "breast feeding" his baby minnie and took his shirt off.

Noah: You were feeding minnie?
Landon: Yeah I feed Minnie!
Noah: Okay lets get your shirt on.
Landon: Lay Minnie down, right there on the floor, she sleeping.

Okay, silly little boy!!! :O)

Today was Braddocs half birthday!!! 6 months old!! I will post the pics from the little family party we had on Tuesday (maybe) Noah leaves on Wednesday so maybe not till after. He has his 6 month appointment on Tuesday, so Ill post his stats and pics then.

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Kirsti said...

Hey Aurie! Just wondering how you're doing.